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Twin birthday party theme ideas


Birthday party themes for twins parties. Fun and unique party and theme ideas that are especially made for twins birthdays. Double the fun with these unique birthday ideas that will celebrate both of the twins and make them each feel special on their birthday. 

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The twins birthday party themes are all complete with ideas for party decorations, birthday games and activities, invitations,  favors, food and goody / loot bags. The party games are all easy to set up, inexpensive and will have the  guests having fun all day!


These twin birthday party theme ideas will allow one joint party to express both of the twins personalities and interests.  Let them each pick one game that they would like to play during the party or one activity each that they would like for all of the party guests to participate in.  This allows the boys and girls to be creative and enjoy their own part in the birthday planning. 




Make each twin feel special on their birthday with these twin party themes. 



For more birthday  themes see our birthday themes for kids page.


Twin Birthday Party Theme Ideas


Bug / Flower Garden

Includes a free Nature scavenger hunt with lots of items to find in a backyard, park or while camping.  Let each twin pick a flower or bug that they like the best and decorate with those bugs/flowers in mind.  Easy and fun theme that lets every guest get back to nature!

Great  theme that gets everyone involved by playing carnival style games and eating fun foods. Use these fun ideas to set up the perfect carnival atmosphere with games, tickets, carnival food and more!  Easy and inexpensive ideas on how to make great games that all ages can enjoy. 

Dora / Diego
Who better to help celebrate the birthday?  Add a fun treasure or scavenger hunt (free lists are included for both!) and let the party guests explore and discover hidden items and treasure.  Great for boy / girl twin parties.

Double Trouble
Double the fun with this birthday theme. Double everything - games, activities, cake, food and more!  Ideas to help celebrate the double trouble in your life.

Letter of First Names
A birthday theme using the first letter of each twins first name.  Make each twin feel important with these unique ideas on how to celebrate their individual names. 

Lion and Lamb
Cute party idea for twins especially if you have one that is a lion and one that is a lamb! Awesome games that include both the lion and the lamb.  Easy to prepare activities, decorations, invitations and more.

Mickey Mouse / Minnie Mouse
The classics! What is better than a classic Mickey and Minnie Mouse birthday party? Mickey and Minnie birthday party games, activities, invitations, decorations and a free mouse ear template to print out for free to make your own invitations, goody bags and decorations. 

Noah's Ark
Two by two bring out the animals in this fun birthday theme for twins. Having 2 of each animal is fun and the theme is carried through in all of the party games and activities. 

Peas in a Pod
Perfect theme for twins and/or triplets - two peas in a pod!  Ideas that will let you be creative and have fun during the whole party!

Peter Pan /Tinkerbell
The perfect pair for a boy / girl  party.  The games, activities and crafts can all be played together and allows everyone to have fun! The included treasure hunt will have everyone on the lookout for pirate treasure!

Princess and Pirate
Princess and Pirate party is a great idea for girl and boy twin parties.  Let each of the kids express themselves and have fun together with these easy party games and activities.  Your guests will feel like royalty!

Polka Dots and Stripes
Simple and elegant theme. Let each twin pick if they want to be stripes or polka dots.  Let them pick the colors too!  Then decorating is easy and each child feels in control and special. 

Raggedy Ann & Andy 
Old fashioned fun!  Raggedy Ann and Andy are classic characters that are making a comeback.  Pair this theme with the old fashioned games and activities listed on the page and you have the perfect party that guests will remember forever.

Snips and Snails
Great for boys!  Snips and snails and puppy dog tails - that's what boys are made of!  If you have boy twins this is a great party theme.  Rough and tumble party games and activites for them to enjoy and remember forever.

Sugar and Spice 
Perfect for girls! Sugar and spice and everything nice - that's what little girls are made of!  This is a great theme for girl twins.  Add a tea party or fun treasure hunt from the games section.

Thing 1 / Thing 2 
Wild ideas that make for a great party! It's easier then you think to create this fun party theme for twins.  Use the ideas on the website page to make this party fun and crazy for all the guests.  Party favors, food ideas, games and more are included.

Two colors
Quick and easy - each twin picks a color! Then you decorate in that color and the party basically puts itself together.  Have them each pick a few games that they want to play from our huge list of party games and your party is complete.

Western Theme 
Fun theme for twin boys or girls! This is a great theme for boys or girls or boy and girl parties.  Cowboys and cowgirls will have fun playing the themed games with their friends and family. 






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