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Birthday Party Activities

Birthday party activities are a great way to get all the guests involved and having fun.  

We've listed our favorite activities and crafts that kids really enjoy. 

All of our ideas are budget friendly and require little or no cost.  For example our Scavenger Hunts include free item lists to print out and there are many to choose from such as Neighborhood and 8 different Mall Scavenger Hunts.

We also have pages full of birthday party games for kids.  Combine a few party games with a fun activity for a party everyone will enjoy! 
birthday party activities for kids

Bubble Games and Activities  - Over 30 fun things to do with bubbles

Sidewalk Chalk Fun -  30 great activities and games to play with Sidewalk Chalk

Water Balloon Ideas - Giant list of over 50 activities and games for kids to do with Water Balloons

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are a great birthday party activity and almost any age group can play.  There are many variations on how to set up, play and run a scavenger hunt and we have all of our favorites listed.  A Scavenger Hunt takes teams of kids (or adults) around the neighborhood looking for items from their item list.  Teams will race each other to find the funny items and whoever finds all of their items first wins. We've listed lots of fun varieties of
scavenger hunt  party activities for birthday parties which include neighborhood hunts (2 free lists to print out!), 8 mall scavenger hunts, animal shelter helper, holiday and nature scavenger hunts.   FREE lists to print out! 

This may be the only birthday activity a group of tweens or teens needs for their birthday party!  (Except lots of food!) Find some fun CD's and let the kids take turns singing to their favorite music.  Usually the worse you are at singing the more fun it is, so everyone can have a good time!  Tip: Check eBay for used Karaoke machines and CD's. 

Mystery Dinner
Fun and crazy birthday idea for older kids.  The kids order dinner off of a cryptic menu are served dinner - but don't know what they have ordered until the food arrives.  Crazy fun and kids love it!   Directions and sample menu for the mystery dinner party
 Fashion Show
One of our girls favorite activities!  Collect a large box full of all kinds of fabulous items such as boas, tiaras, wigs, capes, fancy dresses, high heel shoes, sunglasses, hairpieces, long necklaces and big earrings.  Tape off a long "runway" or use an outside walkway to walk down.  Let them dress up and walk down the "runway" to fun music.  Take pictures with a digital camera or video tape them so you can make them a CD or DVD of their birthday show.

So you think you can dance party
ent or purchase videos on how to country line, hip hop, ballet, belly dance, hula etc. then have the kids learn how to dance.  After the lesson take pictures or videos for everyone to enjoy!  (Tip: check Ebay for used videos and DVD’s)

Making Birthday DVD's
Set up a video camera at the birthday party and let the craziness begin!  Have the kids put on a talent show or lip sync to their favorite songs.  Teens and tweens love to be in front of the camera and this is a super way to have them show off.  Edit the tape and make a DVD for everyone to take home with them. 

Petting Zoo
Hire a small petting zoo to come to your backyard and set up all sorts of animals for the birthday party.  There are fun activities for all the birthday party guests!   Some even have miniature pony rides that can set up in your backyard!  Fun for all types of birthday themes - cowboy, western, barnyard, animal lovers, etc.

Pillow Cases
Great activity for birthday sleepovers!  Buy new pillowcases and wash them before the party.  Set out fabric paints and permanent markers to decorate the pillowcases.  Have everyone sign each other's on the back with the date of the birthday party. 

One of the best activities for a birthday party!  They now come in every shape and color that you can imagine so finding one to go with your party birthday theme is easy!  Check our Piñata Page for full details on this fun activity! 

Pony rides
Pony and miniature horse rides add excitement to a birthday party.  They can complement almost any birthday party theme - cowboy, western, animal lover, zoo, Cinderella, circus, parade etc.  The horses can be decorated to fit your theme with colorful ribbons in their tails and manes and some will even paint them pink and give them a horn to look like a unicorn or my little pony.  Check for availability in your area on the Internet or phone book.  Pricing varies throughout the US - pony rides average around $175 for 1 pony for 1 hour and about half of that for additional ponies or hours. 

Fun activity and birthday party gift for kids to take home.  Buy T-shirts (I've used  Hanes T-shirts in a package or bought them as low as $2 each at craft stores) and wash and dry them before the party.  Set out fabric markers and fabric paints to use for decorating the shirts.  Iron on letters are fun in all sorts of styles. Mix and match different styles to spell out their name or a funny saying.  Tip: Use large grocery sacks, cardboard or poster board to place inside the shirt so the paint doesn't bleed through to the back of the shirt.  Teens and Tweens really enjoy making and wearing these shirts.


A good activity for birthday sleepovers or a longer party so the kids can print out pictures.  Give each party guest a scrapbook.  Set out scrapbook items so they can create a page about their friends and the party. 

Tye Dye T-shirts
Fun to do at birthday parties.  Tie Dye kits can be found at craft and discount stores or you can buy Dye in little boxes at the grocery store in the laundry section.  Wash and dry shirts before the birthday party.  Give each guest a shirt and a bunch of rubber bands and have them take sections of the shirt and wrap rubber bands around it until the band is tight.  Explain to them that everywhere there is a tight rubber band the shirt will stay white.  Follow directions  package, rinse out shirts and hang to dry outside. 

Funky Flip Flop Craft - Making funky flip flops is a great party activity, craft and party favor!  Girls of all ages love them ... kids, tweens and teens!  Get full directions and pictures on our funky flip flop craft page.

Treasure Hunts - Set up a Treasure Hunt for the birthday party by writing out clues that lead from one place to the next around the party areas.  See our Treasure Hunt ideas for help of getting it set up. 

Rooter Pom Pom's - Make fun pom pom's on a stick to use for decorations or party favors!   Our easy video shows you how to make Rooter Pom Poms quick and easy! 

Party Crafts for Birthday Parties
Directions and instructions for making these fun birthday crafts for a birthday activity - tutu skirts, picture frames, hats, flip flops and more! 

Sleepover Ideas, Games and Activities for Girls

Sleepover Ideas, Activities and Games for Boys


Fall Party Games

Fall Party Games and Activities
Unique Fall party games and activities for kids, tweens and teens.

Fall theme Minute to Win It Games
Easy games to play with a Fall theme

Fall Party Activities

Fall Scavenger Hunt
Fun Scavenger hunt with 30 Fall / Autumn themed items to find!




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