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Peas in a Pod Birthday Party Theme


Fun ideas for a Two Peas in a Pod birthday theme.  Great birthday theme idea for twins, triplets or siblings. 


Do-it-yourself help including ideas for invitations, decorations, games, activities, food, favors and more! 




Two Peas in a Pod party supplies from Amazon




Two Peas in a Pod Invitation Ideas

Garden motif blank note cards

Green and white polka dotted cards

Decorate note cards with scrapbook paper or material.  Attach raffia at the top (glue or punch 2 holes at the top and thread the raffia through - then tie a bow) and glue two round green buttons on the front.  





Two Peas in a Pod Decoration Ideas

Decorate with two different shades of green - light and dark.  Throw in splashes of white and pink (pea flowers). 

Decorate the table with a white table cloth and use green flatware and plates or a green table cloth with white and pink cups, plates, napkins and flatware. 

Or use a polka dotted white / light green / dark green table cloth.

A white tablecloth with green circle confetti spread on the table look nice also.  Use a clear plastic table cloth laid over the table to cover up the confetti for younger children.

Helium or regular balloons in 2 shades of green - make bunches of 2 light green balloons ( the peas) surrounded by darker green balloons.




Two Peas in a Pod Activities

Paint and decorate wooden picture frames.  Let children paint their picture frame green and then glue on buttons for peas.  You can also teach them how to paint  curly vines for decoration.

Plant Pea Plants
Give each party guest a small terra cotta pot and let them fill with potting soil.  Then let them plant three or four pea seeds in the pot.  Tie with a green bow.  This is a fun activity that doubles as a party favor they can take home.



Peas in a Pod Party Games

Pea Transfer Game
This is for older children or adults at the party.  Set out two plates in front of the  players.  On one plate set out 20- 30 peas.  Give players a set of chopsticks and tell them to transfer the peas from one plate to the other as fast as they can.  Set a time limit - 1 or 2 minutes and see which player can transfer the most peas.



Peas in a Pod Toss
Make or buy large 4" green beanbags (or you can use green Nerf balls).  Set up several baskets that the players will have to throw their "peas" into. 

You can also use buckets and set them one behind the other - players have to put their "pea" in the first bucket, then the second, etc.  Anyone to hit all three buckets wins a prize.



Hidden Peas
Use green plastic eggs, balls or make your own cut outs of peas and hide them around the party area, yard or park where you are having the party.  On some of the items you hide write a number.  Send guests on a treasure hunt to find the "peas" and when they find one with a number on it they will receive a prize that corresponds to that number.  Buy small green prizes before the game and assign them a number. 



Pea Shell Game
This is an old game that used to be played on the streets with a pea and walnut shells. 

You will need three plastic cups and a ping pong ball.  The object of the game is for the player to guess which cup the ping pong ball is hidden under after you mix up the cups. 

Show the player which cup the ball is in then place the cup upside down over the ball.  Take the three cups (that are all now upside down) and shuffle them around for a little while - 5 - 10 seconds. 

Without lifting the cups ask the guest which cup they think the ball is under.  Using a ping pong ball is the only way we could do this that the kids wouldn't hear the ball hitting the side of the cups when we shuffled them around.  Winners receive a small prize.  




Peas in a Pod Party Favors
The pea plants and pots made in the activity above or terra cotta pots, small ziploc bag of dirt and a package of pea seeds.  Make a cute miniature garden sign that says "Peas" that they can put in their pot when they plant it at home.




Goody / Loot Bag ideas for a Two Peas in a Pod Birthday Party

Green plain bags tied with curling ribbon.  We like to place the items in the bag, then fold down the top about 1".  Use a hole punch to punch two holes through the fold on the bag about 3" apart.  Thread curling ribbon or raffia through the holes and tie a bow. 


Wrap goodies up in a green and white bandana or green material and then tie with light green, pink and white curling ribbon.  


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