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Sleepover and Slumber Parties are always fun and with these great sleepover ideas and fun things to do at a sleepover the slumber party is sure to be a success! 

Fun things to do at a boy's sleepover / slumber party !

Fun pajama party ideas for Invitations, Activities, Sleepover Games, Food, Tips and what to do the morning after the Sleepover for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18 years old.  Sleepover ideas for teens, tweens and older children.

Great sleep over ideas for girls of all ages.  
We've included a page full of easy and
fun homemade spa recipes you can make with items from your kitchen and also funny (and free!) truth or dare questions to print out (for all ages - rated G) and some great crafts to keep everyone busy and having fun!





Sleepover Invitation Ideas

It's easy to send out great slumber party invitations to all of your friends.

You can either buy great looking invitations with pictures of sleeping bags, flashlights, pajamas, fuzzy slippers, etc. or make them yourself. 

If you want to make your own -  look for fun clip art or coloring book pages to copy the images you want onto colorful blank cards.  

Buy plain pillowcases and write the slumber party information on the pillowcase (not too large - in a corner of the pillowcase or attach party information separately) and ask that they decorate one side of the pillowcase with their name and bring it to the party.   During the party have everyone sign each others pillowcases on the back. 

Get creative with the sleepover invitation and cut out heads from pictures of you and your friends and then paste them to the invitations.  Make it look like you are sleeping in a sleeping bag, wearing big fuzzy slippers or having a pillow fight. 

Sleepover Invitation idea:  Create little pillows by folding squares of felt or craft foam in half to make pillow cases. If you don’t sew, use a stapler, glue gun or fabric glue to secure the side and bottom edge of the pillow case. Stuff with a little cotton.  Write the invitation on a 3 x 5 card and slip it into the pillow.


When making the invitations for your party use the amount of legs for your invited guests and change MY to the Birthday girls name.  Thanks for the great idea Movin Girl

Include a Sleepover Packing List if your friends will need to bring anything to the party. You can also include a fun sleepover checklist inside the invitation.

What to Write On the Sleepover Invitation

Date and Day of the Sleepover: June 6, 2008 - Friday night

What to bring:  Sleeping bag, pillow, bathing suit, towel, anything special that they will need for the party.

When the sleepover begins and ends: Example - 7:00 PM - 10:00 AM

Place of the Sleepover: Make sure to write in your address.  Friends might know where you live, but parents will want to have this information.  Hint:  You might want to draw a map on the back of the invitation.

Telephone number and/or Email for RSVP:  Make sure to write in your telephone number.  Parents will want this too.
If you will be serving dinner, pizza or snacks (so your friends will know whether to eat or wait until they get to the party to have dinner). Example - We will be having pizza!  As a courtesy you might want to ask on the invitation if the invitee has a food allergy - ask the parent to contact you so you can plan accordingly.

What To Do At a Sleepover
Fun things to do at a sleepover

Sleepover  / Slumber Party Games

The best sleepover games to play at a slumber party!  These fun sleepover games for girls are sure to keep everyone happy and having fun all night!



Minute to Win It Sleepover Game Ideas!
There are 35 fun games on our Minute to Win it games page!   Fun and challenging games - great for slumber parties!  All use common household items and are easy to learn.  Grab a stopwatch and see how many at the sleepover can finish the game in 1 minute! 



Would You Rather Game
Fun sleepover game for kids, tweens and teenagers!  Over 200 fun questions! Print out the free questions and ask what your friends at the sleepover would rather do between 2 crazy choices!  Lots of fun and a great sleepover game for all ages.  Would You Rather Game



Truth or Dare Game Truth or dare game
Sit in a circle and ask each other truth questions.  If the person you ask doesn't want to answer the question then they must do the dare.  We've made a fun list of free clean (rated G) truth or dare game questions for you to print out for sleepovers. 


Sleepover Truth Questions

Sleepover Dare Ideas 



Nail Spin a Color Game
Choose bright and bold nail polish colors for this game. Start by removing everyone's nail polish so everyone's has polish free fingernails. Put all the bottles of polish in a pretty basket or container and set them in the center of the circle of girls. The first sleepover girl starts by choosing a color of fingernail polish.


She lays it on it's side and spins it around. When the polish stops spinning the girl who the cap is pointing towards has to paint one of her nails that color. (For a variation you can also have the girl who the cap lands on roll one dice to see how many nails she has to paint that color. ) When she is done painting her nail(s)she chooses a color out of the polish basket and spins it. Paint your toes too to make the game last longer.  Fun sleepover game for kids, tweens and teens!



Foil Project Runway Game
This is a fun fashion dress up game! Make your most fabulous outfit out of aluminum foil and have a Project Runway contest. In this dress up game players each receive a roll of aluminum foil for their creations. Set out a table full of other items they can use to style their fashions such as ribbons, plastic flowers, etc. 


Girls have to create a complete fashion look (for fun you can set a theme such as beach wear, evening dress, wedding dress, sportswear, etc. )Anything can be crafted from the foil - dresses, skirts, tops, shorts, pants, evening wear, sunglasses, tiaras, belts, high heels, jewelry ... the options are limitless! Have a fashion show and judge the fashion creations - be sure to take pictures!  




Blind Make Over Game
The perfect slumber party makeover game with a twist! The first person puts on a blindfold and does the makeup of the second person.  Then when they are done the second person puts on the blindfold and does the makeup of the third person.  Draw numbers to determine the order.  Really funny - take pictures so you can keep the memories. 




Song Maker Game - Pick one person at the sleepover to go first for the game.  Everyone in the group decides on a title of a song and then the person chosen first must make up a song to go with that title.  Example:  Little bunnies on my pillow.




Commercial Game
Draw numbers to see who goes first.  The first person stands up and the number 2 person chooses an object from the room.  The first person then must make up a commercial about the object and speak for 30 seconds about it. Then #3 picks an object for #2's commercial and so on. 




Drama In The Bag Game
Fill shopping bags with 6 different items in each bag. A shoe, hat, party favor etc.  - each bag should be filled with different items. Divide into teams and give each team one bag.  Go to separate rooms to make up a skit which includes all items in the bag.  After 15 minutes come back and perform.   Variation:  Create a TV commercial or song. 




Prize Auction Game 
On the invitation ask everyone to bring an inexpensive item or a "white elephant" (something in good shape they don't want anymore) wrapped or sealed in a bag to the sleepover.  Give the everyone  $100.00 in play money and start an auction for the unwrapped gifts. Hold up the first sealed bag and ask who will give $1 for it... and so on.  For fun you can add food and gag gifts to the auction items. 


Keep the items sealed and don't let anyone know what is inside until the high bidder opens the item.  At the end you can trade bags or buy each other's presents with their left over auction money.  With any other left over auction money you can  bid on who gets to pick where they want to sleep, what game you play next, first dibs on the biggest piece of cake or who chooses the music to listen to. 




M & M Challenge Game
This sleepover game is played with m&m's, skittles or any small candy that comes in different colors.  Place candy in a bowl.  Sit in a circle and ask the guests to choose 2 candies - without looking.  Show them to everyone and then put them in your mouth ... if they are the same color then you can chew them, if not you have to hold them in your mouth until your next turn when you can try and choose 2 more of the same color.  You can't chew until you get 2 of the same color.  




Oversize Board Game
This game really gets you involved ... because you are the piece that moves around the board.  On a large patio, driveway or other cement area draw a VERY big board with sidewalk chalk. Each square should be about 18".  It can be a circle, oval or figure 8.  Inside each square, beginning with the start square, write different things to do if someone lands in that square.


Some fun ideas are: Move ahead 4 spaces, Jump back 3 spaces, Bark like a dog, Narrate the game, twirl like a ballerina, etc. Use regular dice or make your own from large boxes. A player rolls the dice, then moves themselves (the girls are the playing pieces) along the game board - when you land on a space then read what it says and follow the instruction.   This sleepover game is also fun to play with flashlights at night!




Sleepover Ball Game 
Buy a large inflatable beach ball and in permanent marker write questions all over it.  Place everyone in a circle and throw the ball to someone.  The person who catches the sleepover ball must answer the question that their right thumb is touching. After answering the question they then throw the ball to another person.   


Fun questions to write on the slumber party game ball:  (The more questions on the ball the better!)
What is the scariest movie you’ve seen?
What is your favorite color?
What are three adjectives that describe you?
Who is your favorite band/singer?
Who is your favorite movie star? 
What is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to you? 
What do you say when you talk in your sleep?
What is your biggest phobia?
If you were invisible what would you do?
If you were an animal what would you be?
Who's your secret crush? 
What was your last dream about? 
What is one thing about you that no one here knows? 
 What do you want to do when you grow up? 
Think of questions that you would want to be asked or things that you would like to know about others.




Candy Hunt Sleep over Game
Ask everyone to bring a flashlight (or provide them for everyone) to the slumber party.  Before everyone arrives at the sleepover party ask a parent or sibling to hide candy all over the yard.  When it gets dark have everyone take their flashlights outside and hunt for the candy.  Give each player a small bag to collect the candy they find during the sleepover game. 




Pillow Fight Icebreaker
For an icebreaker I usually just have everyone start in my room and start a pillow fight whoever you hit they must tell you something about them. 




Play Charades

Think of fun things that go with your slumber parties theme and write them down on pieces of paper.  Divide your friends into two teams.  The first team picks a player to act out a word.  The player chooses a word - but doesn't show their teammates.  The player then tries to act out the word while her teammates try and guess what she is acting out.  If they guess the word the team gets 1 point.  Set a timer for 3 minutes - if the team can not guess the word in 3 minutes then the other team gets one guess at what the word is.  If they are right they get the point.  Play to 10 points. Great sleepover game for all ages!

More sleepover Games just for girls

See our party games and games for tweens  for more sleepover games and ideas




Sleepover Ideas / Slumber Party Activities

Our favorite fun things to do at a sleepover!  Keep everyone happy and creative and the kids get to take home their projects the next morning!


Matching T-shirts
Buy inexpensive t-shirts or tanks (you can also ask on the invitation for each girl bring one from home) and provide lots of fun iron on letters in different fonts for everyone to use.  It's fun to come up with crazy sayings and make matching t-shirts to remember the party.  ** Make sure to wash and dry the t-shirts before guests arrive so the iron on's will stick.




Funky Flip Flops
Super fun and easy - perfect for sleepovers! 
See ourfunky flip flop page for complete directions and more pictures!




Decorate pillowcases
Use permanent markers (you are able to sleep on them that night) or fabric pens and have guests sign each others' pillowcases during the slumber party.  Decorate and doodle to create a masterpiece. You'll remember how much fun you had with your friends every time you go to sleep.


Mall Scavenger Hunts

8 Mall Scavenger Hunts to choose from!   All have free lists to print out and most require no items to be purchased.   Try the Freebie Mall Shopping Spree with a list of over 40 items you can collect FREE at the mall! The mall scavenger hunts are extra fun as a slumber party at a hotel idea!
 Mall Scavenger Hunts


Scavenger Hunts
Lots of fun at slumber parties!   We've included free lists filled with fun items to find!
There are several to choose from - try our Bigger and Better scavenger hunt for a fun twist! Scavenger Hunts 

Make Tutu skirts
Complete instructions for an easy to make tutu.  No sewing required!  All you need is tulle and ribbon! 

Decorate cork bulletin boards
with foam cut-outs (available at Discount or Craft stores)

Decorate a jewelry box
with foam cut-outs, stick on jewels or paint.

Decorate picture frames
with paints, foam stickers, jewels, pieces of feather boas, glitter, etc.  Take pictures of you and your friends at the sleepover and place them in the frames.

Spa Stuff
Hair makeovers, facials, peels, manicures and pedicures.  (See the games section for fun spa games.)
Free list of homemade spa recipes
 includes a great chocolate facial mask!



Chocolate Spa Sleepover

Make this the theme of your slumber party.  Chocolate everything!  Send out brown and pink polka dot or striped invitations and scent them with chocolate perfume, light chocolate scented candles, paint each others fingernails and toes pink with brown polka dots, serve hot chocolate and smores, provide chocolate scented facials and masks and chocolate lip gloss  ..... yum!



Let everyone have a turn at singing.  Play American Idol and set up judges to vote on the best performance.  

Talent Show
Everyone performs their best (or worst) talent.  Have judges and award small prizes. 


Fashion Show
Dress up and give away small prizes for best walk, best pose, most attitude and best over all.  Use a box full of funny dress up props or have everyone at the sleepover party make their own outfit from newspaper and tape or a roll of foil. 

Slumber Scrap
 Take digital pictures during the slumber party and make scrapbook pages later in the evening.  Provide everyone with a small scrapbook, pretty paper, fun cut-outs and scissors. 

Dance, dance .... dance
Then play freeze dance.  Have someone turn down the volume and everyone must freeze and not laugh until the music starts again.  Whoever laughs has to turn down the volume next. 

Talk about boys, parents, school, life .....

Give each other makeovers then take pictures.  These can also be funny makeovers and everyone must keep their crazy look through the rest of the party. 

Paint nails and toenails

Decorate with dots, stripes and flowers

Facials, Peels and Masks are fun and great for your skin. Homemade Spa Recipes - make your own spa recipes with things you have in your kitchen!  Easy recipes for great facials. 



Buy some make-up and put it out somewhere. At the slumber party tell your friends to sit in a circle around it and grab what they like. Then draw numbers or roll a die and whoever is first gets to pick a partner and give then a make-under (make it look as funny as you can!)



Make Pom Pom pets
Use colorful pompoms, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, felt, and foam to create cute little pets. Then, have a pet show!



Test Your Taste buds
Have one person make something from ingredients in the kitchen and then other person has to put on a blindfold and eats the food. The person with the blindfold on then makes a guess at what the food is or what ingredients are in it.



Pillow fight!!



Sleepover Food and Snack ideas
Pizza - take out or have more fun making your own with fun toppings.
Chips and dip
Veggie tray with dip
Fruit tray with dip
Make Rice Krispie Treats, Brownies or Cookies at midnight
Hot Chocolate
Sleepover Smores


In the Morning after the Sleepover / Slumber Party
The fun can continue into the next morning with these fun things to do at a sleepover morning after!
Make pancakes and top them with strawberries, chocolate chips, sprinkles etc.
Have a chef challenge - give everyone a "mystery" ingredient they must use in their breakfast dish. 

Eat Breakfast parfaits - alternate layers of cereals and yogurts in a tall glass or parfait

Eat left over pizza

Get up and watch cartoons


Now is the perfect time for sleep over makeovers

Sleep until time to go ...



Sleepover Ideas and Tips and Pajama Party Ideas

Buy extra toothbrushes and keep them unopened in a drawer in case someone forgets to bring one to the sleepovers.

Don't invite too many guests to sleep over at one time - too many personalities increases drama!
Up to 5 is usually fine, more if they all know each other and get along.  

Serve healthy snacks along with the junk food for a balanced sleepover.



Mall Scavenger Hunts
- 8 different mall hunts with free clue lists! This is a fun idea and game for teenagers, tweens and older kids.  Use the free lists provided and have a fun activity before the sleepover! 

Find a birthday party theme for your sleepover
 Sleepover Themes



Tween party ideas

Teen party ideas fun theme ideas for your bday slumber party sleepover.


Now you know what to do at sleepovers ... but we are always looking for more fun things to do at a sleepover! 

Send us your Sleepover games, themes, ideas for tweens, games for teenager, dyi ideas, pajama party ideas, fun things to do at a sleepover and activities for 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18 year olds.


what to do at a sleepover with friends







Truth or Dare

Sidewalk Chalk

Water Balloons


Backyard Games

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