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birthday party invitation ideas for kids, tween and teen parties


Party Invitation Ideas

Secret Code

Write party information in a secret code on the invitation that guests will have to decode.  (Scavenger hunts, treasure hunts, spy or detective parties. )Bottles of bubbles - print out a large label with the party information and details.  Stick the label to a bottle of bubbles.   

Send a sneak preview
Send something from your party to get guests excited about attending the birthday party!

Include with the invitation:
- a little sand for a pirate theme party
- confetti
- a mask to wear for a super hero party
- beach ball for a pool party or luau
- t-shirt they can wear if there will be team play (such as a Survivor party
- sunglasses for a pool party or outdoor venue
- eye mask for a sleepover

Stick on earrings, tiara or jewelry

Princess, Dress Up, Cinderella or tea parties. 

Treasure Map Invitations
Make this fun invitation resemble a treasure map.  After printing information on a sheet of paper dip them in tea for a few minutes to stain them brown and make them look old.  Dry and then roll up and fasten with a cord or string. 






Pool Party Invitations
Write the party information on a beach ball, deflate and then mail the beach ball to the party guest.  Ask them to bring the beach ball to the party and play these fun beach ball games!

Sleepover Invitations
Send an invitation in the form of a pillow or sleeping bag.  Make a cute insert that fits into the sleeping bag with all the party information on it.

Decorate Plain Invitation Cards
Decorate plain invitation cards with stickers that match the theme of your birthday party.  Print out party information 4 to a sheet of paper, cut and glue inside the invitations.

If stickers that match the party theme can't be found use dots, stripes or shapes in the color of your party theme.



 cupcake birthday party invitation
How to get guests to respond to your party invitation.

How to deal with sticky situations like:
- Having parents stay for the party
- Having parents not stay for the party
- Asking for no siblings to attend
- Asking for no presents
- How to handle who pays for what at away venues such as amusement parks.
- How to ask if a child has a food allergy
- How to ask guests to no bring a gift for the birthday child, but give to a charity. 

And many more scenarios that could happen at a party. 






Truth or Dare

Sidewalk Chalk

Water Balloons


Backyard Games

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