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Tween Party Games

    Tween party games

Games for preteens in the between ages of  9, 10, 11, 12

Tween birthday party games for preteen girls and boys Tween parties.  

Fun Tween party theme ideas           

Mall Scavenger Hunts
Mall Scavenger Hunts - This fun birthday party game involves tweens being set loose in the mall to follow the instructions on their list.   There are 8 mall scavenger hunts to choose from - complete with free lists for the mall scavenger hunts that require a list. 
Mall Scavenger Hunts has a complete list of the mall scavenger hunts and free lists. 
Mall Scavenger Hunts include:

Freebie Shopping Spree
a 2 z
One Color
Super Shopper
Salesperson Scramble
Ultimate Mall Hunt
Rainbow Scavenger Hunt 

Minute to Win It
35 Fun and challenging Minute to Win It style games.   Choose which ones are the best for your party!  Minute to Win It Games for Tweens


Would You Rather Game
Fun party game for tween parties!  Over 200 fun questions!
Would You Rather Game

Truth or Dare Game
Complete rules and directions for the game of Truth or Dare along with free dares and questions to print out. rules and directions for the game of Truth or Dare along with free dares and questions to print out. Free list of fun truth and dare questions

Truth or Dare Pop
This game gives a twist to the popular Truth or Dare game (see above).  Print out the list of truth questions and dare ideas and then cut them into individual strips of paper.  Fold and put them inside balloons - dares in one color of balloon and truths in another.  Blow the balloons up and tie with the paper inside each balloon.  Assign each guest a number 2 - 12.  The fist person rolls two dice and the number that comes up on the dice is the number of the tween that has to pop a balloon and then do the truth or dare that is on the paper inside.   After they are done with their truth or dare then they get to roll the dice to see who goes next.  Variation: Instead of using two different colors of balloons to separate the truths from the dares use a mixture of colors so no one knows if they are getting a truth or a dare when they chose a balloon.


Tween Drama Game  

Shopping and Drama in one game!  Put 5 different items in several large shopping bags. A shoe, hat, party favor etc.  - just make sure the items in each bag are different.  Divide into teams and then give the team one bag.  Send them to different spots away from each other. They have to create a play or skit which incorporates every items they have in their bag. Give them 15 minutes to practice their skit and then they perform the skits for everyone..   You might want to video the finished skits.    Variation: Tweens can create a commercial, tribute or a song.

Swimming Pool Party Games for Tweens
See the complete list of fun swimming pool games 
for 9, 10, 11 and 12 year olds

Video Tween Scavenger Hunt
Write down a list of funny and crazy things that the participants must do.  Such as taking videos of them all: making a pyramid, walking a strangers dog, standing by their school, singing a Christmas carol with a stranger, on a jungle gym, etc.   Watch the videos when they return to find out who won.

Picture Scavenger Hunt
Tweens use cell phone cameras or a Polaroid® camera and get pictures of the things that are on their "to do" list. See the examples above for fun ideas.

Bigger the Better Hunt
This is really a different style of game that doesn't require a list. Trade a small item for a better or bigger item at each house the team stops at during the game. Give teams a small item like a quarter or pencil. They have to trade the item for a better item at each house they stop at during the hunt. If you have two teams let one team take the even and the other the odd number houses so they won't go to the same house twice. For example: Trade the quarter for a pen ... then trade the pen for a small knick knack ... then trade the knick knack for a picture ... etc. After the time limit the team that comes back with the best or biggest item wins! Friends played and one of the teams came back carrying a TV!    Great game for 9, 10, 11 and 12 years old!

Wear That!
You will need a bag filled with crazy clothes and items to wear such as feather boas, bikinis, funny glasses, high heels, large underwear, hats, etc.  ... the more outrageous the better.  Place all the items in a large shopping or black garbage bag.    Have the players one at a time roll one dice.  If the dice lands on a 1 or a 6 then they must take an item from the bag and put it on over their clothes.  Keep playing until all the items are being worn.  The person that has on the fewest things wins.  Variation:  Instead of having the person rolling the dice choose from the bag have the person to their right choose something from the bag for them to wear. 

Auction Game 
In the party invitation include a request that each of the party guests bring a wrapped item or inexpensive gift. Something under $10.00 or even a gift that they received that they want to re-gift. Give them $20.00 in play or monopoly money.  Begin an auction by holding up the first gift and auctioning it off to the guests.    With any other left over auction money tweens can bid on who gets the first piece of cake to who chooses the music.

Nail Polish Spin the Bottle Game
Fun party game for tween girls - play it at a sleepover, spa or birthday party too! Choose bright shades of colorful nail polish and place them in the center of the guests. One girl spins a nail polish bottle and the girl that the cap stops at has to paint a fingernail that color. When they are done they choose a shade of polish and they spin ... keep going until everyone's fingernails are polished in different colors. Continue the game by painting toes too!

Tween Mystery Dinner Game
Fun game that keeps the kids wondering what they are ordering for dinner ... fun when they finally figure out how the game is played and they get something to eat.  Play this game if you're serving dinner during the party and you have extra people that can be the waiters and order takers.  You will need several to serve the kids quickly.  Complete set up and menu are on our Mystery Dinner Game page.

Tween Size Party Game
This birthday game really gets everyone involved! Before the party draw a giant game board on the sidewalk or driveway. The spaces on the game board need to be large enough for a preteen to stand in comfortably.   Make one space the starting space and fill in the other spaces with things the players have to do while in that space.  Some fun examples for the squares are: Hop on one leg, cluck like a chicken, say "Yowza" after everything anyone says, turn around in circles, give everyone a high five, etc.  Dice can be made by covering 2 large square boxes.  The players themselves are the playing pieces and they move themselves through the game board.  Winner is the one who reaches the last space first on an exact.

  Foil Fashion Tween Make Over

Given only aluminum foil teams (or individuals) have to use only the foil to make a runway outfit. Skirts, shirts, tanks, shoes, high heels, jewelry, tiaras, dresses ... whatever they can make that is fashionable.

Afterwards have a runway show and take pics of all the fashions.


Commercial Birthday Game  
The first player stands up on their turn.  One person chooses an item from around the room and hands it to the person standing up.   The first player then has to make a 30 second commercial for the item they were given. Keep playing until everyone has had a turn.

Quack, Quack, Who's There?
All you need to play this party game is a blindfold and chairs for everyone to sit in.  Place the chairs in a circle facing each other and have all the tweens find a seat.  The person who is "it" puts on the blindfold and stands in the middle of the circle.  On "go" the rest of the players change seats several times so that "it" doesn't know who is sitting where in the circle.   Then the person who is "it" moves around the circle and chooses someone's lap to sit in.  They sit down and the person who is seated says "Quack, quack!" while trying to disguise their voice.  "It" tries to guess who the person is by their voice.  If they guess the person correctly then they take that persons spot in the circle and the the one who was sitting down stands up, takes the blindfold and becomes the new "it".

Skittle Challenge
Play this game with skittles candy or any colorful candy. Place the candy into a big bowl.  Sit down and without looking choose 2 candies.  Put the two candies inside your mouth. If the candies are the same colors then chew them. But if they are different you keep them inside your mouth until another turn. Then you choose two more to see if you can get a pair.  

Toilet Paper Share
You'll need a new roll of toilet paper for this fun party game. Gather the tweens together and make a circle. Tell them that you are going to pass around the sleepover game toilet paper roll and to take as much as they think they need for the game.  Pass the paper around without any further instructions and they will take sheets off the roll.  After everyone has their sheets then tell them they have to share one thing about themselves for each square of toilet paper they have.

Candy Hunt Party Game
Before the party starts hide lots of candy all over the party area. When it's dark give out flashlights and have them search for the candy using the flashlight.

Scavenger Hunts
Scavenger hunts can be played many different ways and we have over 7 different varieties to choose from!  Each has a free list of fun items to find.  If you are looking for something different for kids 10, 11 and 12 years old try the Bigger and Better scavenger hunt!  Birthday party scavenger hunt ideas and free lists to print out! 

Tween Minute to Win It Style Party Games


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