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Carnival Birthday Theme

Great party ideas, party games, food ideas and more for a Carnival Birthday Party. 

Carnival Party Invitations
Inside the invitations send a few fake dollar bills printed with the birthday child’s picture in the center.
Tell guests to bring the carnival money to exchange for tickets at the carnival.

Any party invitation with red and yellow stripes or polka dots.  

carnival party

Make an invitation to look like the tickets you will be handing out at the carnival for the guests to play the carnival games. 

Red and white stripe cards

Carnival Party Decorations
Lots of red and yellow balloons and streamers make a perfect backdrop for a carnival party.  Make colorful signs to hang above each game booth and stand. Put up a brightly colored tent or tarp (or decorate a plain one) for the food stations and bring out small tables and several chairs incase kids (or parents) want to take a break in the shade.

  Fun Ideas

Buy a large roll of tickets at the discount store and have kids trade them to play the different booths, games and for food.

Decorate a large appliance box in red and yellow and make it into a ticket booth. The kids can exchange their “money” for tickets.

Carnival Party Games
Make booths or stations with large signs for each carnival game. Have Have a container - coffee can with a lid to hold the used tickets.

Bounce house or Moonwalk
Have a colorful bounce house or moon walk and kids can play inside with adult supervision. 

Face painting
See our homemade Face Paint recipes for homemade face paints and mix some up to paint the kids faces into clowns, animals or other carnival related characters.

Have a clown make Balloon animals

See our huge list of fun Carnival Style Games
Complete with set up instructions.  Simple and easy games to make and play at your carnival party! 

Party games for ages 7, 8 and 9 years old

Games for ages 5 and 6 year olds

Games for ages  10, 11, 12

Carnival Party Activities
While children are arriving for the carnival have them decorate a white paper bag with their name on it. They can carry this from booth to booth and it will hold their tickets and prizes.  See our birthday activities page for more ideas. 

Carnival Party Food
Hot dogs wrapped in foil
Snow Cones
Cotton Candy
Ice Cream
Funnel Cakes
Dill Pickles
Corn Dogs
Caramel Apples
Cut Rice Krispie treats into rectangles and call them Hay bales!


Carnival Party Favors
Buy small toys and candy for the children to win as prizes at the carnival game booths.

Extra large rainbow lollypops - put large mailing labels on the back with the birthday child’s picture and a “Thank you” message.

Small bags of animal crackers

Helium balloons that were decorating the party


Goody Bags

White sacks decorated by the children to hold their prizes.

Plastic red / white popcorn containers

Red paper take out containers tied with a white or yellow ribbon







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