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First Letter Birthday Party Theme

Fun birthday party theme where the party centers around the initials of the children's first names. 

Great party theme for kids of all ages, siblings and twins.

First Letter Birthday Invitations

Print the letters of the birthday guests on the front of solid color blank cards.  Punch out their initials from several places on the card with initial hole punches so the white from the inside of the card shows through.   Include the hole punches in the card as confetti. 
first letters

Inside the invitation challenge guests to dress in as many items as they can which start with the first names of the guests of honor.  Example:  If your the party initials are J and T guests could dress in - jeans, jewelry, t-shirt, top hat ... etc.  Give prizes for the most items worn.  (Make sure the prize starts with the letter of their first names! )

First Letter Party Decorations
Decorate in colors that correspond to the letters of the first names. 
Try this great color chart that list all the colors alphabetically.  (Scroll down to the middle of the page.)

You can also go crazy and decorate in objects that correspond with their first names such as - Hula Hoops for H, Bears and Balloons for B, Jacks for J, ... etc. 

Decorate with balloons, streamers and confetti on the table.  For younger children's parties scatter confetti on the table and then cover with a clear plastic table cloth. 

  Fun Party Ideas
For the birthday children make a birthday shirt with the letter of their first name and their age by cutting out large letters and numbers and ironing them onto a t-shirt.  

Birthday Party Games
Have a fun Neighborhood or Mall Scavenger Hunt.  Divide into teams and assign each team a letter.  

Tell them to find as many items as they can that begin with their letter.

See our scavenger hunts for complete directions.

Party games just for girls - Girls birthday party games 

Party games for boys only - Boys birthday party games

Party Games for all ages - Birthday Party Games

Decorate wooden picture frames/span>
Let the guests paint picture frames (or have them pre-painted before the party starts to save time) and then decorate with glitter, jewels and letters of their first names.  Buy a large container of foam letters so everyone will be able to decorate with their first name letter.

Serve fun food items that begin with their initials.  You can also arrange foods into the shape of their initials such as cupcakes or sandwiches. Buy initial cookie cutters and cut out their initials in:
Rice Krispie Treats
Cookies ... etc.    

Party Favors
See our party favors page for lists of fun items. 

Goody Bags
Write the initials of the party all over small plastic containers. 
On squares (15" x 15" ) of white or light colored cloth write initials over the fabric with permanent markers in different colors.  Tie up the party favors in the squares with pretty ribbon.
Decorate colorful lunch sacks with stickers. 


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