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Polka Dot and Stripes Party

Fun ideas for a Polka Dot and Stripe Themed Birthday Party. 
Mix and match these ideas to create your own special party. 

Place a solid color tablecloth on the party table and then cut out circles and stripes from colored paper or felt. Place on the table and cover with a clear plastic tablecloth.  Or sprinkle round and rectangular shaped confettie on the party table and cover with a clear plastic table cloth. 

Hang colorful paper plates on the walls for polka dots. Tie helium balloons around the party area and especially on the backs of the chairs.  Tie striped ribbon around vases and fill with round shapes flowers (carnations etc.)

Fun Ideas

On the invitation ask everyone to dress in polka dots and stripes.

Buy or make solid color cards and decorate with circle stickers, and stripes in different colors.



Cut out or buy invitations in the shape of circles and print party information on them. 

Glue or draw stripes on one side of the circle.

Buy large super bounce balls and write party information on the ball with a permanent marker.  Make several lines around the ball for stripes.

Party Games
Twister is a perfect game for a polka dot / stripe party because of it's round circles. 

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Party Games for 5 and 6 year olds

Birthday games for ages  10, 11, 12

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Make polka dotted picture frames or door hangers. Paint or stick on foam polka dots. And embellish with striped ribbon or paint on stripes.

Serve sandwiches cut into circles and rectangles with a cookie cutter.

Cheese cut into circles with circle crackers on long thin crackers.

Oreos or other round cookies.

Place colorful round candies like skittles or M&M’s in dishes around the party.

Have guests make their own mini pizza’s.


Polka Dot and Stripe Party Favors
Bubbles, round candies, balls and/or jewelry with round beads.
Dots candies
Nerds ropes










Truth or Dare

Sidewalk Chalk

Water Balloons


Backyard Games

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