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Boys Sleepover Ideas

boys sleepover and slumber party games, activities, fun ideas


Boys Sleepover games, slumber party activities, food ideas and more!


Sleepover and Slumber party ideas and guide for Boys sleepovers.  These are our favorite ideas for boys sleepovers.

Great guide for a sleepover that includes ideas for games, activities, food, invitations, tips and other great slumber party ideas ... just for boys! 


Boys Sleepover and Slumber Party Invitation Ideas


If you will be having a theme to your sleepover then the invitation can be made using that theme so the boys will know what to expect during the sleepover.   Send out invitations that are bought or make your own at home. 


For a simple invitation print out party information onto 2" x 3" cardstock and punch a hole at one corner.  Then tie a piece of twine to the card and the the other end to a flashlight.  Ask the boys to bring their flashlights to the party (see flashlight games under the sleepover games section). 


 Make the invitations look like a campfire, tents or anything to do with camping if they will be sleeping outside. 





What to Write On the Boys Sleepover Invitation


Date and Day of the Sleepover:  July 27, 2012 - Friday night

What to bring:   Sleeping bag, pillow, toothbrush, flashlight, bathing suit, towel, include anything special that they will need for the party.

When the sleepover begins and ends: Example - 7:00 PM - 10:00 AM

Sleepover Address: Make sure to include the actual address - parents will want this information. 

Telephone number for RSVP:  Your parents phone # ... this is good for your guests parents to have just in case. 


On the invitation include if you will be serving dinner, pizza or snacks so that the guests will know if they should eat at the party or at home before the party.   Example - We will be cooking out burgers!  

If you are unfamiliar with the child you might want to ask on the invitation for a parent to call you and let you know of any food allergies.   You may have to tweak the menu a little bit, but it is better to know a few days ahead.



Boys Sleepover / Slumber Party Activities


Camping (Indoors or Outdoors)
Set up one large tent or several small tents and let the boys camp outside for the night.  Set up a fire pit for when an adult is present and let them make smores (marshmallows, graham crackers and squares of chocolate), roast hotdogs and tell campfire stories.  If the weather is bad they can still pretend to camp indoors by using a lantern flashlight for their fire and making smores in the fireplace.  Give each boy a tin cup with his name on it to use during the night for drinks. 



Flashlight Treasure Hunt
The object of this activity is to let the boys find "treasure" in the dark by using their flashlights.  Before the party hide wrapped candy, glow in the dark stars, glow in the dark insects, and/or other small items around the backyard.  Or if the weather is bad hide the items around the house and party area.  Provide each of the boys with a flashlight (or pair them up and use one flashlight per team) and tell them to search for the hidden items.  Let them keep what they find (provide small paper sacks with their names on them) or trade in the items for bigger prizes such as silly string, cards, etc. 

Test Your Taste Buds 

Before the party set out several different edible items from the kitchen and number them 1 to 6 ... or if you want to have a larger assortment 2 to 12.  The object of the game is for the boys to roll one or two dice - twice and they have to eat a spoonful of the combination of the two numbers they roll.   Have a mix of good and yucky foods.  Here is an example using 2 dice:
2.  Cottage Cheese
3. Catsup
4. Mustard
5. Mayo
6. Pickle juice
7. Salsa
8. Ice cream
9. Soda
10. Sugar
11. Soy Sauce
12. Icing
If on the first roll a boy gets a 4 and the second roll he gets a 10 he has to mix a small spoonful of sugar and mustard together and eat it.

You can also add rules such as what happens when someone rolls doubles (they could skip their turn, choose someone to eat their foods or have to go twice).   *Make sure before hand that no one is allergic to any of the foods and give them a way out if they just can't eat the mixture such as having a "dare" jar with dares written down that they have to perform. 
See our Dare ideas page for ideas.

Let everyone at the sleepover have a turn at singing.  Play American Idol and set up judges to vote on the best performance.  

Talent Show
Everyone performs their best (or worst) talent.  Have judges and award small prizes. 



Squirt bottle tye dye shirts
Before the party buy each boy a white t-shirt and wash and dry it.  Place tye dye colors  into plastic spray bottles.  Hang up the t-shirts outside on a fence or clothesline with clothespins.  Let the boys spray their shirt with different colors of tye dye using the spray or stream setting on the bottles.  After they are done wash them out and hang to dry so they can take them home in the morning.



M & M Challenge
Boys play this sleepover game using colored candies like skittles or M&M's.  The candy is put into a large bowl (or a paper sack that they cant see in to) and without looking they pick out 2 candies and put them in thier mouth. They open their mouth and show the other boys the colors of the candy.  If the candies are the same color then the boy gets to chew and swallow them, if they are different colors then he must hold them in his mouth until his next turn and then he tries again to get a match.



Before the party choose several good movies for the boys to choose from when it's time to settle down for the evening.  Pop popcorn and serve with fun toppings such as cheese, cinnamon and sugar, ranch or extra butter.     



Boys Sleepover /Slumber Party Games


There is much more to do at a boys slumber party then play video games!  Try several of these fun games that boys love at your next sleepover.  Guaranteed to get them worn out and ready to sleep at a decent hour! 


Basketball Challenges
If your boy has a basketball goal outside teach them different games to play such as HORSE or set up basketball challenges such as:
1. Who can make the most free throws from a certain spot on the court.
2. Who can make the farthest free throw.
3. Who can make the farthest granny shot.
4. Who can spin the basketball on their finger the longest.
5. Who can dribble the fastest.
6. Set up an obstacle course using orange cones and using a stop watch see who can dribble the ball the quickest through the cones.



Football Challenges
Set up a game of flag football or different football challenges such as:
1. Who can throw the farthest.
2. Who can kick the farthest.
3. Who can catch the farthest pass.
4. Who is most accurate when throwing the football through hula hoops suspended from trees or into laundry baskets. 



Skateboard, Bicycle or Scooter Course
Set up an obstacle course using orange cones for the boys to maneuver through using their skateboards, bicycles or scooters.  Be prepared to keep making it harder and harder once they have mastered the course.



Take the boys to a nearby lake or pond and teach them how to fish.  Keep them busy by showing them where to dig for worms, catching frogs or spotting birds and fish.  Take along a Frisbee or football in case some of the boys need to run out some energy.



Flashlight Tag
This game is played in the dark and is a little like hide and seek with a "tag" twist.  Choose one boy to be "it" and give them a flashlight.  They have to count to 100 while everyone hides.  The boy with the flashlight then goes searching for the other boys and when he finds one he quickly flashes the light on them.  Then silently they switch places and the boy who was found takes the flashlight and tries to find another boy.  The boys should keep moving and changing hiding places in case someone saw the light flash on their hiding place.



Silly String War
Divide the boys into 2 teams and give them 30 minutes to build a fort.  Give them supplies such as old cardboard boxes, sheets and a roll of duct tape.  Then give each team several bottles of silly string and let the war begin.  The team that is the least covered in string when it is over wins!



Nerf Gun War
Played just like the Silly String war above only using Nerf guns.  Set up targets for the boys to protect on each team and let the boys battle back and forth to see whose target is the last to fall.



Water Balloon Wars
Also played like the Silly String war above only using water balloons as ammunition.  Last fort standing wins! 
For more fun water balloon games
see our water balloon games and activities page. 


You can find more boys only games
on our Boys party games page!



Fun outdoor boys games for sleepovers:  

Dodge ball
Capture the Flag
Four Square
Tag - lots of fun variations
Kick the Can



Boys Slumber Party Foods
Make a dirt cake (or cupcakes) by crumbling up chocolate cake and then layering it with chocolate pudding or frosting.  Crumble Oreo cookies and sprinkle on the top and place gummy worms half way into the "dirt" so they are sticking up. 

Buy take out or let the boys make their own from scratch.  Set out different toppings so they can create their own masterpiece.

Hot Dogs - grill out over a campfire or in the fireplace. 

Chips and dip
Veggie tray with dip
Fruit tray with dip
Bake cupcakes before the party and let the boys decorate them with icings, sprinkles and candy.
Coke and Root beer floats
Hot Chocolate
Sleepover Smores
Pizza Rolls
Popcorn balls
Trail Mix


In the Morning after the Boys Sleepover / Slumber Party

Make pancakes and top them with strawberries, chocolate chips, sprinkles etc.

Have a chef challenge - give everyone a "mystery" ingredient they must use in their breakfast dish. 

Breakfast parfaits - alternate layers of cereals and yogurts in a tall glass or parfait.  Let the boys choose which cereal and yogurts make up their parfait. 

Eat left over pizza

Get up and watch cartoons

Sleep until time to go ...



Boys Sleepover Tips and Ideas



Buy extra toothbrushes and keep them unopened in a drawer in
case someone forgets to bring one to the sleepover.

Don't invite too many guests to sleepover at one time - up to 5 is usually fine, more if they all know each other and get along.  

Serve healthy snacks along with the junk food for a balanced sleepover.

Limit the sugar and caffeine (chocolate and sodas) a few hours before bedtime.

Set up a "lights out" time and let the boys all know what it is during the beginning of the party. 

When the boys arrive write down a parents phone number for them.  It's great to have in case you need to get a hold of the parent and even better for the boy to know that you have it and will use it if they get out of hand.  :)

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