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Piñatas for Birthday Parties



Pinata directions and set up instructions for kids birthday parties



A Pinata is a great party activity for kids, tweens and teenagers of all ages!  Pinatas come in all shapes, themes and sizes so it should be easy to find one at your local party store or online.  Amazon has great deals on Pinatas


To play the Pinata Game you will need these items:

Sturdy Rope
Stick or bat
Sturdy place to hang the pinata
Candy and prizes


Here are some tips on how to play the Pinata game, how to fill a pinata and how to hang a pinata so that everything will go smoothly when the kids are lining up to take their turn at busting open the pinata. 



Tips on party piñatas for kids, tweens and teen parties


How to Play the Pinata Game


The Pinata game is played by party guests taking turns at hitting a candy filled pinata with a bat or stick.  When the pinata has been broken open then all the children collect their share of candy, toys and treats that spill out of the pinata. 


1. Line the children up from youngest to oldest so that everyone gets a turn to hit the piñata before the older and stonger children break it open.  The players that are waiting for a turn must be back 15 feet from the pinata to avoid being hit by the stick or bat.  We also have a pinata rule that when the pinata is broken open everyone counts to 10 out loud before they rush and get the candy.  This allows the child that is swinging the stick to be unblindfolded and drops the stick so no one is hurt.


2.  One at a time have the children step forward for their turn to hit the pinata.  Traditionally the player is blindfolded and then spun around 3 times before the take a turn at hitting the pinata.  Younger children under 3 years old can skip the blindfold and just be spun around. 


3.  Determine before the party how many chances each player gets to hit the pinata.  3 chances is a good starting point.  As the game progresses you  might go to 1 or 2 chances each turn so that all the children will get multiple attempts to break the pinata. 


4.  For older children during their turn an adult can move the pinata up and down by the string to make it harder for the players to hit.


5.  When the pinata is opened and the contents spill to the ground the children loudly count to 10 and then go in to gather the candy.  Before their turns give each player a sack with thier name on it to hold the candy and toys they will collect. 


6.  Send the players home with a sack full of toys and prizes as their party favor.


See below how to fill and hang your pinata.





How to Fill a Pinata



Before the party buy different types of wrapped candies and small toys to put in the pinata. 
Some fun alternatives to candy are:
Action figures
Bouncy balls
Children's jewelry, rings and necklaces
Party themed items
Glow Sticks and bracelets


Avoid filling the pinata with:
Anything sharp
Too small of toys and candy if there are young children
Chocolate (it will melt on a hot day)
Candies like M&M's or Skittles that aren't individually wrapped



How Much Candy Will I Need To Fill A Pinata?


How much candy you will need to fill up a pinata will depend on the size of the pinata and how many guests there will be at your party.


A basic store bought pinata that is  17" - 27" will hold about 2 pounds or about 100 pieces of candy and prizes.  For every 5" added to the basic pinata size add 50 pieces of candy and prizes.  If the party will have 10 party guests then a normal size pinata will allow each child to have 10 prizes. 


If you will have different ages at the party consider having a pull string pinata for the younger children and a regular pinata for kids, tweens and teenagers over the age of 6.






How to Hang a Pinata  


You will need a rope and a good solid support up high to hand the pinata.


Some good options for where to hang a pinata are:


1. Large Tree
Hang the pinata from a branch of a large tree.  A branch that extends out from the tree is a good option.  Make sure that the branch is big enough to support the weight of the pinata and the force of it being hit.  Make sure there is lots of empty space underneath the pinata. 


2.  Basketball Hoop
Hang the pinata from a large basketball hoop.  Make sure it's not too close to a building or garage that could get damaged from the stick swinging.


3.  Porch or building ceiling beam or support. 
Some porches or garages have steel or sturdy wood support beams that can be used to string up the pinata.


4.  From a rope inbetween two trees
A rope can be tied between two trees and then the pinata rope can be attached to the main rope.  Be sure that the rope from the two trees is tied up high enough from the ground so that the players can stand beneath it.



Make Your Own Pinata


We've listed our favorite do it yourself homemade pinata recipes on our  Paper Mache recipes page.   Just be sure to give yourself plenty of time to make the pinata (at least 4 days!) so that it will be able to completely dry in time for the party.




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