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Birthday Party Ideas

5th birthday party ideas for five year olds

Great party ideas for a 5 year olds birthday!  

Five is a special age and these 5th birthday party ideas will make the birthday party special too. 

You will find all of our favorite party games, activities, party themes, favors and food ideas that are especially suited for five year old parties.   

You will also find party planning tips and a time line to help you prepare for the special day. 

Planning Tips for 5th birthday parties

Planning the fifth birthday
Here are the  basic 10 areas to consider when planning the party:
Select a birthday theme (our website has over 200 party themes!)
Party Invitations
Birthday / Theme Decorations
Party Games
Fun Activities / Crafts
Birthday Cake
Party Food Ideas
Party Favors
Goody / Loot bags
Thank you notes

Select a party theme with your child.  After this decision is done then the rest of the party will fall into place. 


Birthday Party Themes for a 5 year old

            Alice in Wonderland Birthday Theme  

            Angry Birds Party Ideas

            Art Birthday Party Theme

            Backwards Party

            Ballerina Birthday Theme

            Cowboy Birthday Theme

            Cowgirl Birthday Theme

            Fireman Birthday Theme

            Old MacDonald Party

            Pirate Birthday Theme

200 more birthday party themes for 5 year old boys and girls parties.   Each page has themed games, activities and great ideas to mix and match.

Party Tips for 5 Year Old Parties

Make a list of ways that family and friends can help during the party.  Assign adults (or older children) to these jobs to make the party run smoothly and allow you to enjoy it also.   

Sign up help for:
Pictures - take pictures of the birthday party. 
Ice Cream and Cake - cut and serve the cake and ice cream to party guests.

Party Games - run the party games. 

Activities and Crafts - keep watch over the activities and/or crafts and keep everything running smoothly, set up and clean up. 

Secretary - write down gifts and who gave them  - this is a great help when writing thank you notes! 

Melt Down Zone Monitor - someone that can gently remove a child who is acting mean or cranky until they can return to the party.  Set up a Melt Down Zone with coloring books and quiet activities if children get overwhelmed by the noise. 

Party Timeline
Change this party time line to suit your schedule.  
This is based on a birthday party from 2:00 - 4:00 p.m.

2:00 - Guests start to arrive at the party. 
- Have an icebreaker game, coloring sheets, play dough or blocks set out that the kids can play with while they wait for everyone to arrive. 

2:15 - Let the Games Begin! 
5 year olds love to play together so have 4 or 5 games that you think they will like prepared just in case you have to end a game sooner then expected because the kids don't like it.  On the other hand let them play a game as long as they are having fun with it - no need to switch a game that they are enjoying to one that they don't like as well just because it's been scheduled. 

We've listed some of our favorite party games for 5 year olds below.   We also have a huge list of party games for 5 and 6 year olds to choose from - 5 year old party games page. 

2:45 - Activity or Craft Time
Let the 5 year olds create a craft or paint, finger paint, color, play with blocks, etc.  If you have scheduled entertainment such as a clown or magician this would be a good time to do that also.   Check our Party Activities page for great ideas on birthday activities.

3:15 - Opening Presents
This can be done now or switched with the cake and done at the end of the party.   A fun idea is to have the guests hold the package they brought for the birthday child and then one at a time go to them and sit next to them while they open it.  If you do this at the end of the party you can have the birthday child give them their goody bag so they will both have something to open at this time.

3:30 - Cake, ice cream and singing Happy Birthday!

4:00 - Party end 
Give guests a goody bag filled with party favors and thank them for coming!

Add 30 minutes to the party if you will be serving brunch, lunch or dinner.   With an afternoon party you don't have to serve a meal - just provide snacks that the kids can munch on during the party.  

Tip:  Serving the cake and ice cream at the end of the party means that you don't have a house full of sugar crazed 5 year olds for very long (learned that from experience!). 

Party Games for 5 Year Olds

Cupcake Walk 
The Cupcake Walk is played like a Cake Walk, but instead of winning a cake the kids win a cupcake (or you can make it a Prize Walk and they can win small prizes).   You can play the traditional way with numbers, or for the 5 year olds you can play with colored squares.   Write the numbers 2 - 12 on colorful paper and tape them to the floor in a circle.   Tell the children that they will walk on the numbers while the music plays and then when the music stops they have to stop and stand on the number where they are located.  Roll two dice and the number of the dice is the number that wins a prize.   If you will be using colors instead of numbers then assign a color to a number 2 - 12. 

Air Balloon
Blow up balloons and give one to each guest.  Tell them to try and keep the balloon from touching the ground by hitting it gently on the underside of the balloon.   You can play until there is a winner or play as a team by having everyone try to keep their balloon off the ground for 10 seconds ... then try 15 seconds, 30 seconds and a minute.  When they get the hang of it give every player 2 balloons and see if they can keep them both in the air for 1 minute. 

One of the best activities for a birthday party!  They now come in every shape and color that you can imagine so finding one to go with your party birthday theme is easy!  Check our Piñata Page for full details on this fun activity! 

Fox and Hen Party Game
Have the kids sit on the floor in a circle.  Give one bean bag (the "Hen") to one child and then another bean bag (the "Fox") to a child sitting opposite of the child with the "Hen".   On "go" the kids will pass the bean bags clockwise around the circle as fast as they can to see if the "Fox" can catch the "Hen".  Play several rounds so that each child gets to start the fox or hen at least once.     

It's a Mystery Fish
The kids will "fish" for prizes.  Buy small toys or candy before the party as prizes.  These will be hooked onto the fishing pole with a clothespin while the kids are "fishing".   Make a fishing pole from a bamboo stick, string and a clothespin attached to one end of the string.   Make a "pond" from an appliance box, a sheet attached across a hallway or door frame or a covered card table.  Kids will throw their line over into the water and the "fish" attach a prize to their line.  Make sure the kids can not see the fish or who is behind attaching the prizes.   

Treasure Hunt
You will need large plastic eggs, party favors, balls, etc. for this treasure hunt game.   The eggs don't need to be filled with candy ... the game is in finding the objects.    Hide the treasure around the party area before your guests arrive.   When it is time for the treasure hunt give the children a small sack to hold the treasure.   Show them an example of what they will be searching for and then show them how to find the objects.   When all the treasure has been found you can have them return the items to a basket and then hide them again.   Extra ... after the games divide the treasure hunt items equally and send them home as party favors.  

Games for 5 Year Olds -  long list of favorite games that kids love!
Games for 5th birthdays 

Party Activities for 5 year olds

Sidewalk Chalk - Set out sidewalk chalk and let party guests draw whatever they want or use our Sidewalk chalk guide that lists over 30 fun things for kids to do with sidewalk chalk. 

- See our guide to bubble games for some great party games that can be played with bubbles. 

Our homemade recipes for bubble solution are great for this activity! 

Bounce House - Rent a bounce house and let the kids bounce around!

Decorate Cupcakes
- Give each child a cupcake to frost and decorate.  Fill a small bowl with icing and edible decorations and let them create their own cupcake masterpiece.

Party Food ideas for the 5th birthday

Make your own pizzas.

Macaroni and Cheese in individual cups.

Sandwiches - Cut shapes from the bread, meat and cheese with a cookie cutter that goes with your party theme.   You can also cut shapes out of brownies and pan cookies.  

Snack foods like pretzels, animal crackers or goldfish crackers.

Cut up fruit and veggies.

Cotton candy, cookies or cupcakes.

Juice boxes or milk boxes work well and won't spill easily.

Party Favor Ideas for 5 year olds

Sidewalk chalk
Play dough and a cookie cutter
Story book
Coloring book and crayons
Bottles of bubbles
Sports balls
Super balls
Necklaces or bracelets
more party favor ideas
Birthday Party Ideas for Kids:

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