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Cowboy Birthday Theme


Cowboy birthday party ideas, games, activities for kids


Fun ideas for a Cowboy Themed Birthday Party for kids. 

Mix and match these birthday party games, activities, party food and other ideas to create your own special Cowboy party. 

Cowboy Party Invitation Ideas
On large labels print out the information to the party.  Place the labels on blue or red bandanas and give them to the party invitees.  On the label ask the guests to wear their bandana to the party.  





Cut construction paper or card stock into the shape of stars, horses or boots. 
On the inside of the card write:

Yeee haw!  It's soon to be party time in the ________ (hosts last name) corral.
Meet us at the ranch at: _____________  (party location)
Cattle drive starts at:   _____________ (start time of the party)
And get along little doggies at: ___________ (end time of the party)

Contact the Ranch Foreman ________ so we'll know to be expectin' ya! (fill in the date you would like guests to contact you if they are attending the party)
Decorate the party area and outside the entrance to the party with cowboy hats, boots, bales of hay and rope. 

If you have enough hay bales place them along the walk way to the party.

Scatter hay along the sidewalk and in front of the walkway to the party entrance. 

White tablecloths look great with bandana printed napkins, plates and cups or use a red and white checkered pattern tablecloth with solid color plates and cups.

Centerpieces made from cowboy boots filled with artificial flowers.

Fill glass vases or metal buckets with bright yellow sunflowers and then tie with a blue bandana. 

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Cowboy Party Games


Cowboy Dress up relay
Collect 2 sets of cowboy clothes with items like jeans, overalls, cowboy boots, cowboy hat, bandana, chaps, sunglasses, cowboy shirt, etc. and put them in 2 different piles.  At the other end of the playing field or the starting line have 2 teams line up one after the other. 

The object of the game is for each person on a team (one at a time) to dress up in the clothes tag their team members and then run back, undress and tag the next person in line. The relay continues the relay until everyone has had a turn.



Horseshoes is a fun game and one that is easy for everyone to play.  How to play horseshoes.



Cowboy Cow Patty Throw
You'll need hula hoops (or large baskets) and brown frisbees. Teams line up behind each another and try and throw the frisbees through the hula hoops or into the baskets. Give point values to the targets.

Cowboy Hat Toss
Cut several stars out of thick cardboard and paint them yellow.  Place a cowboy hat on the ground and have the children line up behind the throw line and toss their stars inside the cowboy hat.

Variations: Instead of stars you can tie a bandana around a ball.

Use 5 cowboy hats lined up in a row and let them try and make it into the #1 hat first, then the #2 hat … etc. ending up with the farthest away #5 hat.

Cowboy Roundup
You'll need a rope lasso and a children's ride on horse. Teach the children how to throw a lasso around the horse's head.

CowboyRelay Races 
Make up races and have kids do them with mop horses. You can also buy stick horses.   Divide into teams. Have the cowboys stand one behind the other.  The first player from each team rides their horse to the opposite end of the playing area, around a cone (or a hay bale) and back. 

1st round:  Ride horses around a cone and back.
2nd round: Ride the horses backwards.
3rd round:  Ride the horses sideways.
4th round:  Two riders must ride the same horse at the same time. 
5th round:  Three riders must ride the same horse.
6th round:  Four riders must ride the same horse. 

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Activities for a Cowboy Party

Western theme picture frames
Cut out western themed shapes out of sponges - stars, boots, hats, cactus. Have the cowboys paint their frames a solid color and then dip one side of the shaped sponge in paint and then sponge onto their frame.



Mop Horses
Gather several broomsticks or large dowel rods.Fill socks with batting (for the head) and attach to one end of the stick. Glue on google eyes, felt nose and ears. Make a main out of yarn and glue to the sock also. Use a long piece of yarn for the reins.




Food for a Cowboy Party
Dress the food table like a chuck wagon.  Make large wheels out of poster board or cover hula hoops.  Attach an off white sheet to the wall behind the table to look like a covered wagon.  Hang ropes, lanterns and old pots and pans from the table. 

Hotdogs and beans

Sloppy Joe’s


Coleslaw, baked beans, potato salad

Mix sprite and green food coloring for “cactus juice”



Cowboy Party Favors

Sherriff badges
Small non-prickly cactus plant
Strawberry licorice (rope)
Cowboy hat

Goody Bags

Wrap goodies up in a bandana

Plastic boot shaped cups
Plain brown paper lunch sacks tied with a 1" strip of red bandana and brown raffia.

Color black cow spots onto white paper bags with a black permanent marker.  Tie with bandana strips or raffia.


Cowboy boots amd music notes


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