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Would You Rather Game


would you rather game with 200 free questions



Would You Rather is a fun party game that is easy to play and fun for kids, tweens and teen parties, sleepovers, as an icebreaker game or when you're just hanging out.  

Our list of questions for the Would You Rather Games has over 200 fun, clean and rated G questions.  

What is the Would You Rather Game?

The game is played by asking one of the Would You Rather questions and then answering it.  There are only two answer choices, both are a little crazy and funny.  The game gets kids, tweens and teens thinking, laughing and learning about each other.  Great for large or small groups.




How To Play the Would You Rather Game

Print out the game questions, cut them into strips, fold and place in a container.  Then players choose a question and must answer it. 

  If the player who chooses the question can't or won't answer the question then they must take a Dare and perform it.  (See our list of great Dares from the Truth or Dare game.)


Would You Rather can also be played as a group game.  Everyone lines up in the middle of the room and someone chooses a question and reads it out loud.  

Players take a step forward if they agree with the first answer or a step backward if they agree with the second answer.   This is a fun icebreaker game!   

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Would You Rather Questions:


Would You Rather:


1.Have a pet dragon or be someone’s pet dragon?

2.Swim with mermaids or fly with fairies?

3.Be stranded for a year on an island by yourself or with someone who never stops talking?

4.Save the life of every stray animal you meet, or have an actual working light saber?

5.Discover a living dinosaur or an alien from outer space?

6.Go without music or tv for the rest of your life?

7.Have no internet or have no cell phone?

8.Watch scary movies all night and sleep outside by yourself or hang in a room full of clowns?

9.Find a mermaid or a unicorn?

10. Get even or get over it?

11. Have an extra leg or an extra arm?

12. Wear a swimsuit in the winter or heavy coat in the summer?

13. Have cupcake frosting for hair or birthday candles for teeth?

14. Have floppy ears like a dog or a long tail?

15. Be the smartest or most popular in your school?

16. Only be able to shout or whisper everything you speak?

17. Have your parents pick who you marry or be single forever?

18. Eat pizza or ice cream for every meal for 1 year?

19. Give up your favorite pet or your cell phone?

20. Constantly itch or sneeze?

21. Be guaranteed health or wealth for the rest of your life?

22. Speak in rhymes or have to sing everything you say?

23. Have worms for hair or noodles for arms?

24. Have green hair or purple eyes?

25. Spend the night in a small raft in a shark infested ocean or on a small boat in an alligator infested swamp?

26. Say all your sentences backwards or speak only when you’re standing on your head?

27. Quack like a duck after each sentence or Moo like a cow?

28. Smell everything around you 10 x more or have everyone be able to smell you 10 x more?

29. Locked inside a library or museum at night?

30. Create a great invention or be a famous sports star?

31. Have 3 eyes or 3 legs?

32. Have your skin or your eyes continuously change color?

33. Date someone who’s got the best personality or is the best looking in school?

34. Know what animals are thinking or humans are thinking?

35. Have night vision or x ray vision?

36. Be a giant mouse or a tiny elephant?

37. Spend the night in an abandoned amusement park or the forest?

38. Always be 20 minutes early or 20 minutes late?

39. Find proof that Big Foot or Unicorns are real?

40. Have a rewind or pause button you could use at anytime?

41. Live on a boat or in a small mountain cabin?

42. Live through a hurricane or a tornado?

43. Take a ride on a magic carpet or 1000 helium balloons?

44. Lose 5 friends or gain 1 enemy?

45. Lie to your best friend or tell your parents the truth?

46. Be able to fluently speak a foreign language or understand it?

47. Have legs the length of your fingers or fingers the length of your legs?

48. Wear dark sunglasses or ear plugs for 7 years?

49. Be stuck at the South Pole or Arizona desert for 2 weeks?

50. Feed the animals in a zoo or the animals at your local animal shelter?





51. Would you rather Skydive or Bungee jump?

52. Climb a mountain or repel down a cliff?

53. Always be dressed up or dressed casual?

54. Not be able to see colors or taste?

55. Live 1 year without running water or without electricity?

56. Lick a frog or your best friends big toe?

57. Cry after anyone speaks to you or laugh uncontrollably?

58. Talk like a game show host or a news anchor for 10 weeks?

59. Crawl on your belly everywhere you went or summersault?

60. Be 9 inches tall or 9 feet tall?

61. Be the best athlete for an unknown sport or the worst for a popular sport?

62. Predict the future or be able to change the past?

63. Create a new popular AP or be a Youtube star?

64. Be able to disappear or get really big?

65. Use only Twitter or only Instagram?

66. Have a red clown nose or wear clown shoes for 1 year?

67.  Take a classmate you don’t like to a concert or take a sibling?

68. Have duck feet or fish scales for skin?

69. Be calm in every situation showing overly animated?

70. Walk on water or fly?

71. Find $100 and keep it or find $500 and give it away to charity?

72. Hop everywhere you go or walk backwards?

73. Stop crime or stop poverty?

74. Eat 12 cupcakes or tub of ice cream?

75. Have your head attached backwards or your legs?

76. Wear only shorts or only pants for the rest of your life?

77. Be picked for Survivor or Amazing Race?

78. Swim in a pool of molasses or mayonnaise?

79. Would you rather be the villain or the hero?

80. Eat a worm or walk to school for a week?

81. Famous movie star or musician?

82. Be a tree or a flower?

83. Have to spend a year in a psychiatric hospital or 6 months in prison?

84. Have hair everywhere on your body or be totally bald?

85. Only use your phone for 5 minutes a day for 3 months or go without your phone for 1 week?

86. Tour the US in a motor home or the world on a plane?

87. Have a fear of heights or a fear of the dark?

88. Be the star that everyone talks about or ignored?

89. Have two brains and one head or one brain and two heads?

90. Not be able to see your reflection in a mirror or not be able to hear your own voice?

91. Be a bear cub or a wolf cub?

92. Have Xray vision or Super Strength?

93. Be personal friends with Batman or Spiderman?

94. Be shot from a cannon or be a trapeze artist?

95. Be the first person on Mars or the first person to explore the depths of the ocean?

96. Fly or walk through walls?

97. Be lied to or gossiped about?

98. Bring an end to hatred or hunger?

99. Would you rather Be a starfish or a shark?

100. Have a group of good friends or 1 great friend?


101. Grow up to be like your Mom or your favorite TV star?

102. Would you rather have no one show up to your wedding or funeral?

103. would you rather live in a world with no problems, or live in a world you rule?

104. Would you have true love or $10,000,000

105. Would you rather date a celebrity or a crush/ the hottest person you know?

106. Would you rather fly or read minds?

107. Would you rather surf on the internet or surf on the ocean?

108. Would you rather have more time or more money?

109. Win the lottery or live twice as long?

110. Be the richest person or immortal?

111. Have piercings or tattoos?

112. Have a zombie apocalypse or have World War III?

113. Hakuna Matata or YOLO?

114. Free Starbucks for a year or free iTunes forever?

115. Live in a 5 star prison or the poorest country in the world?

116. Have $100,000 in real money or $1,000,000 in Amazon gift cards?

117. Be Hermoine Granger or Bella from Twilight?

118. Give up the computer or lose friends?

119. Get dumped by text message or in front of all your friends?

120. Have a nice teacher who’s bad at teaching or a mean teacher who’s good at teaching?

121. Cookie Dough or Brownie Batter?

122. Have a personal hair stylist or a Chauffeur?

123.Compete in Hunger Games or the Divergent Competition?

124. Have a really bad gift or no gift at all?

125. Live wherever you want for free or travel wherever you want for free?

126. Travel the world or go on tour with your favorite band or singer?

127. Kiss a jellyfish or step on a crab?

128. Always lose or never play?

129. Live in your great grandparents era or in your great grandchild's era?

130. Be able to hear any conversation or take back anything you say?

131. Hang out at the mall with no money or have a ton of money and find nothing to wear?

132. Go back into the past 1 year or ahead 1 year?

133. Give bad advice or take bad advice?

134. Would you rather go without television or junk food for the rest of your life?

135. Would you rather know it all or have it all?

136. Publish your diary or make a movie on your most embarrassing moment?

137. Be able to read everyone’s mind all the time or always know their future?

138. Be invisible or be able to read minds?

139. Never use the internet again or never watch TV again?

140. Would you rather have one wish granted today or three wishes granted in 10 years?

141. Visit the Doctor or the Dentist?

142. Take a shower or a bath?

143. Cook or do dishes?

144. Do dishes or clean the toilets?

145. Get stung by three bees or get a really bad sunburn?

146. Drink vinegar or eat hot sauce?

147. Would you rather Have a snowball fight or pillow fight?

148. Hold a snake or hold a tarantula?

149. Work on math problems all day or babysit for free?

150. Eat a bug or kiss a frog?

151. Testify against a friend, or live knowing he/she committed a crime?

152. Have a car that goes under water or flies?

153. Stay home and never get sick,or travel the world and get sick from every other meal?

154. Freeze time or shape shift?

155. Eat Cake or Pie?

156. Breakfast in a hot air balloon or dinner in a castle?

157. Run barefoot or broken glass or hot coals?

158. Be a super hero or a villain?

159. Stand in your underwear in front of a crowd or get caught w dirty underwear in the hospital?

160. Have several very good friends or one best friend?

161. Have gum stuck in your hair or step in a dog mess?

162. Own your dream car or have free gas for 25 years?

163. Have a sports stadium named after you or a university named after you?

164. Continue with your life or restart your life?

165. Go on vacation anywhere for two weeks or go on a date with anyone you’d like for a day

166. Give up eating dessert or give up eating fast food?

167. Be a character in a comedic sitcom or a character in a movie?

168. Go to Disney or Universal?

169. Have a cleaning lady or a personal chef?

170. Be covered in poison ivy or bee stings?

171. Have the same song stuck in your head every night or the same dream?

172. Only go to school in the summer and have the rest of the year off or go to school as we do now and have the summer off?

173. Be gossiped about or never talked about at all?

174. Read a book and have the last page missing or leave a movie early?

175. Wear sweatpants or jeans?

176. Swim with sharks or run with the bulls?

177. Own your own jet or a yacht?

178. Own a light saber or a magic wand?

179. Climb the stairs to the top of the empire state building, or the great wall of China?

180. Own a Zoo or an animal shelter?

181. Spend the day with a famous historical figure or a former family member?

182. Testify against your best friend or go to jail?

183. Share a room with your sibling or give up your cell phone?

184. Live in a huge city or on 50 acres in the country?

185. Have the best job in the world and make no money or the worst job and be rich?

186. Eat a bug or give up chocolate?

187. Be rich or be famous?

188. Win a new house or a trip around the world?

189. Live where it is always daylight or always night?

190. Be in a romantic comedy or an action movie?

191. Win a free car or win a trip to anywhere in the world?

192. Discover a new planet or find a hidden treasure?

193. Record player or radio only?

194.  Be a Dog or Cat?

195.  No teeth or no hair?

196.  Skiing or Beach vacation?

197.  Cheap vacation with your friends or luxury vacation with your family?

198.  Spend the night in a wax museum or haunted house?

199.  Lose your cell phone in a pit of snakes or rats?

200.  Magic wallet that always has $20.00 in it or magic dust that can make your friends happy when they are sad.

201.  Live with a monkey on your back or snake on your arm?




We are always searching for the best Would You Rather questions for teenagers, tweens and kids.  Send in your favorite and funniest Would You Rather questions. 

Thanks Claudia O.!


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