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Christmas Party Games

  Christmas ornaments in a row

Christmas party games for Christmas and winter parties.  Your guests will have fun with these easy and crowd pleasing party games!  Especially created for Christmas and Winter themed parties and birthday celebrations. 

Christmas Party Games

North Pole Freeze Dance
Party guests play freeze dancing on a floor filled  with white (you can also add red and green) balloons.  Gather the party guests in the snow and tell them to dance while the music is playing, but when the music stops they must freeze in the position they were in until the music starts playing again ... then they can unfreeze and dance.

Before the party begins blow up lots and lots of white balloons so that they completely cover the dance floor.  Kids really like this game and dancing around kicking through the balloons.  Remove any popped balloons pieces right away.

White Elephant Gift Exchange
Fun party game for all ages!  Guests bring unwanted or funny gifts to the party and exchange them with other guests.  Complete instructions and details on how to play the White Elephant party game.

Snowball Hot Potato
This game is played just like the game Hot Potato.  For a snowball use a white beanbag, ball or fill a white balloon with flour.  You will need a cd player with Christmas / Holiday music.  Party guests gather in a circle and a snowball is given to the birthday child.  Tell the guests to pretend that the "snowball" is hot and when it's passed to them they have to quickly pass it to the next person.  (The game can be played by passing the snowball around in a circle, or let the kids toss it back and forth within the circle.)  After they "snowball" has gone around a few times stop the music and whoever is holding the "snowball" is out.  Continue playing until there is a winner.  Guests can be given a small consolation prize when they leave the game.

Penguin Relay
Kids race to see who's team can complete a course while walking / running with a balloon in between their knees so they look like a penguin. Before the birthday party buy a package of white balloons and blow them up. 

Teams line up at the starting point.  They hand off the balloon to the next player. The players can't touch the balloon with their hands unless they are behind the start line handing the balloon to the next person.  First team to have everyone across the finish line wins. 

If they accidentally drop the balloon they must return start line and begin again.  

North Pole Iceberg Scurry
Teams must move across an area using only pieces of poster board.  Cut  large ice burg shapes from paper about 10 x 12 inches each.   Teams are given one more iceberg them the total number in their team.  Tell the teams they can only use the icebergs given to them to get from one end of the room to the other.  Teams use the iceberg pieces to move by having players stand on the ice burgs all together. Then they take the back ice burg and move it to the front of the line and so on.  If a player steps off the ice burg into the water they all go back and begin again. 
Variation:  Divide the guests into smaller groups of three or four and give them only 2 large icebergs.

Snowball Stomp Game
Tie balloons that have been half way blown up (white to look like snowballs) to a string and then to the guests ankles. Then all the kids try to stomp and break each others "snowball".

Have an adult dress up in a Santa suit or hire a professional party entertainer to play Santa for the party.  Give each child a chance to sit on his lap and tell him what they would like for Christmas.  This is also a great photo opportunity to take a picture and send it to the party guests later with a thank you card.

Christmas Scavenger Hunt
Have the party guests go on a Christmas scavenger hunt.  Our Christmas scavenger hunt list has lots of fun items to find and is free to print out.

Gingerbread House Contest
Let guests build and decorate their own gingerbread house.  There are many gingerbread kits out now that contain 4 small gingerbread houses that you can buy, or simply use squares of graham crackers and frosting (2 lbs. powdered sugar, 6 egg whites, 1 tsp. cream of tartar - mix together with an electric mixer).  Set out bowls of small candies like skittles, dots, gumdrops, etc. to decorate the houses.  This activity is better when done at the beginning of the party so the houses will have time to dry a little before they are taken home.

Snowball Chop Relay Game
Guests move cotton balls (snowballs) from one bowl to the next using chopsticks while blindfolded. For team play set out two bowls for each team.  Fill teams bowls fill it with equal number of cotton balls.  Give teams a set of chopsticks and a blindfold.  One by one blindfold team members and set them in front of the bowls.  Give them the chopsticks. They have to transfer the cotton balls into the other bowl.  This is harder then it looks!  When one player has finished transferring all the balls the next player in line puts on the blindfold and continues until everyone on the team has completed the task. 

Snowball Relay
This party game is played like the egg and spoon relay only it is played using a "snowball" (cotton ball).  Set up the playing field with a start line and a point across the playing field that the guests have to run around and then go back to start.  Divide party guests into two teams and give each team a wooden spoon or plastic spoon and a cotton ball.  One by one the teams must place the "snowball" on the spoon and run to the turn around point and back without dropping the "snowball".  When they reach start they hand off the "snowball" to the next player and they run the course.  If the "snowball" falls off the spoon the player must return to start and begin again.  The players can't touch the "snowball" with their hands at any point of the game.  If they do they must return to start and begin again.

Winter Sweep Up Game
Fun relay style game using foam peanuts and a broom.  Mark white foam peanuts with different colors to distinguish between teams.  Divide guests into teams. Each team gets the same number of foam peanuts (25 or more) and a broom.  One at a time the players from each team must sweep their peanuts around the playing area and back again.  This game is more challenging and fun when played on a smooth floor ... and really funny when a ceiling or stand up fan is place at the turn around point!

Pin the Nose on the Snowman ... or Rudolf
Played just like the Pin the Tail on the Donkey party game.  Instead of a Donkey have the guests pin the nose on the snowman, or pin the red nose on Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer.

Christmas Scavenger Hunt
Our Christmas scavenger hunt is fun for all ages!  Complete directions, set-up, rules and a free list to print out is included. Christmas Scavenger Hunt List

New Years Scavenger Hunt
Ring in the New Year with this fun scavenger hunt.  Complete with set-up, rules, directions and a free item list to print out full of fun things related to New Years.   New Years Scavenger Hunt List

Mall Scavenger Hunts
Fun way to have a scavenger hunt indoors!  8 different mall scavenger hunts with directions and free item lists.  Mall Scavenger Hunts


Gingerbread Man Party

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