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Strawberry Shortcake Party Ideas


Invitation Ideas
Draw strawberry seeds onto solid red cards with a permanent black marker. 

Red or pink cards with a strawberry cutout or sticker on the front. 

Glue pretty strawberry patterned ribbon going down one side of a solid color red or pink note card.

Red and white polka dot note cards.


Strawberry Shortcake birthday party supplies



Decoration Ideas
Tie red (or pink) strawberries made from poster board in the trees and bushes and around the structures that lead to the party entrance.  Or make strawberry signs attached to stakes and place them in the ground leading up to the entrance.

Decorate the party table with white table cloths, red (or pink) plates, cups and napkins and black flatware.  Or cover the party table with a solid red table cloth and draw on strawberry seeds all over the cloth with a permanent black marker to make it look like a giant strawberry.  Tie large red (or pink) bows on the backs of the party table chairs or around the edge of the party table.  








Secret Sticker
Birthday party guests are given a sheet of Strawberry Shortcake stickers and must get rid of them by placing them secretly on other guests. 

If caught they must take one of the stickers of the party guest who caught them. 

Only stick one sticker at a time - first one rid of their stickers wins!


You will need:  Terra cotta pots, strawberry plants, soil, stickers, ribbon, jewels and/or rhinestones and glue.

Give each guest a terra cotta pot.   Let them decorate the pot with permanent markers, stickers, stick on jewels and rhinestones.  Glue a piece of ribbon around the top of the pot.  

When they are done decorating fill the pots with soil and add a strawberry plant.

A great activity and birthday favor!


Strawberry Shortcake Party Games


Jellybean chopstick race
Give each party guest two bowls and a pair of chopsticks.  Fill one of the bowls with 20 jellybeans.   The guests must race to move their jellybeans from one bowl to the next using only their chopsticks.  Variation: Play as teams and set the bowls side by side where each guest has one bowl in front of her plus an ending bowl where the jellybeans will end up.  Place 100 jellybeans in the first bowl and then on "go" the teams have to race to move the jellybeans down the line to the last bowl. 




Strawberry Spoon Race
This game is played like the Egg and Spoon race only party guests will use a red colored egg.  Color the egg by dying it or simply coloring with a red permanent marker - add black dots on the egg to look like strawberry seeds.   Divide guests into two teams and give each team a spoon and a red egg.  One my one they must hold the "strawberry" on the spoon with one hand while racing around a predetermined marker and then back to the line.  Hand off the spoon and egg to the next player and then they take a turn.  If the strawberry falls off they must go back to the start of the line and begin again.  First team with all members completing the course wins. 




Treasure Hunt
Before the party hide lots of individually wrapped strawberry candies around the party area.  Give each guest a pink bag and ask them to find as many strawberry candies as they can.  After the candies are all found let them keep the candies or turn them in for prizes.   Variation:  Cut out lots of strawberries from red construction paper and number them on the back to coordinate with prizes you have bought.  Then when they have all been found let the guests turn them in for prizes. 


Lots of fun party games for girls on the website! 







Food Ideas
Strawberry shortcake
Chocolate covered strawberries
Chocolate fountain
Fruit kabobs with strawberries, pineapple, and blueberries
Strawberry cream cheese finger sandwiches



Party Favor Ideas
Strawberry plant
Strawberry candies
Strawberry shortcake jewelry



Goody / Loot bag ideas
Straw hat
Strawberry themed fabric or bandanas (wrap up party favors inside and tie)
Small watering can


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Sidewalk Chalk

Water Balloons


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