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Survivor birthday party theme ideas for kids, tweens and teen parties



The ultimate birthday party theme ... Survivor! 

You won't get voted off the island with these great Survivor birthday party ideas for kids.  


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Great ideas for Survivor style games, competitions, challenges,  activities, decorations, birthday party invitations, party food, favors and more. 






Instructions for a quick and easy way to make banners for the tribes too! No sewing required! 


survivor logo for survivor theme birthday party invitations, decorations, goody bags


Use this Survivor logo to create invitations, iron on transfers for the banners and tags for your goody bags. 


It can be easily customized by downloading the font "Survivant" from a free font site.  Type the name of the place you will be having your party in white and layer it on top of the logo on your computer. 


survivor party logo example for birthday parties


Survivor Party Games and Challenges



Fun games to play at a Survivor birthday - these can be modified from team games to individual relays.  Have colored mats or beach towels for each team to stand on before the games while they are receiving instructions. 


Bamboo Relay
You will need:  1 1/2" or larger PVC pipe in 4 foot sections - one piece per team and marbles.
The object of the game is to move through a obstacle course while two team mates hold opposite ends of the PVC pipe.  The marble is placed in the PVC pipe and if it drops out during the relay the two who dropped the marble have to start again.  


This is harder then it looks and lots of fun.   Make sure the kids hold the PVC pipe about 6" from each end with only one hand so they can't stop the marble from falling out with their hands.  You can also run this relay with only one person - have them hold the PVC pipe in the center with one hand.  For a real challenge add more marbles - have 4 or 5 rounds adding a marble each round. 




Island Flip
You will need:  A shower curtain or table cloth for each team.
The object of the game is to see which team can flip their island (the shower curtain) over first.   All team members must stand on the island and then try and flip it over without stepping off the island.  If a player steps off the island they have to start again. This is a mind challenge and is great for team building.




Coconut Relay
You will need:  Ping pong balls and a pool noodle for each team.
The object of the game is for teams (one person at a time) to herd 3 ping pong balls (or coconuts) at the same time around an obstacle course (or back and forth around an orange cone) only using the end of the pool noodle.  This works great indoors on a tile floor ... for outside you can still use the ping pong balls or use balloons.  Tip:  the ping pong balls can be colored with permanent markers in the tribes colors to keep track of what balls belong to each team.




Rope Relay
You will need: 25 feet of rope, brown lunch sacks, kid puzzles with 30 or fewer pieces for each team. 
For each team you will need to break up the puzzles and place about 2 or 3 pieces of the puzzle in 8 - 10 lunch sacks (you can also use ziploc baggies) - fold the bags over several times and use a hole punch to make a hole in the top middle part of the folded bags (the bags should be flat).  Tie a loop in the end of the long piece of rope and then string the rope through one of the puzzle bags.  Tie a loose knot around the bag and then tie several more loose knots down the rope, then put on another puzzle bag and repeat until all the bags are tied onto the rope and there are 6 - 10 knots in between each bag.  Try and make each rope have the same amount of knots.

During the party hook the loop at the end of each rope under the bottom of a chair.  Have the teams decide who will unknot the ropes to get the puzzle pieces and who will solve the puzzle.   Make sure that the players understand they have to unknot each knot on the rope to get the puzzle pieces and they can't rip them off the rope.   When all puzzle bags have been collected the players who are solving the puzzle can begin.  First team with all the knots out of their rope and a finished puzzle wins.  


Tip:  I found 50 feet of rope at the Dollar store for $1.00 each and 3 packs of 30 piece puzzles for $1.00. 





Hula Circle Relay
You will need: A hula hoop for each team.
Teams form a large circle and hold hands.  On "go" each team is given a hula hoop and they must break hands to put it on the first persons arm and then not let go of their hands again during the game. The teams must find a way to move the hula hoop around their circle without letting go of their hands.   Have the hula hoop go around the circle 2 or 3 times - winning team is the first ones to complete the circles.  




Scavenger Hunt
Have teams go into the neighborhood and search for items that are survivor related.  Some fun ideas for the scavenger hunt item list are:    (Can be a picture or an item that represents the item on the list)
Palm Tree leaf
Fishing net
Surf board
Tiki item
Sea shell
Wooden bead
Tiki torch
Survivor logo
Island dolls
Picture of fire


For set up and instructions see our Scavenger Hunt page.




Frozen T Challenge
Before the party soak several t-shirts (one or two per tribe, or one per guest) in water and then wad up and place in a gallon size ziploc bag with water.  Close the bag and put into the freezer for a few days before so they are completely frozen.   At the challenge tell the teams to take the t-shirt out of the baggie and the first team to get one of their team members to wear the shirt wins.  This is a fun challenge and it is harder then it looks!




Survivor Tribe Banners

Make tribe banners for each team you will have competing in the Survivor games.  These banners can be used to signal when a team is done with a relay and also to promote team pride. 

I made these tribe banners for a recent Survivor party.  The party was for 90 kids divided into 8 tribes - they picked their tribal names before the party.   You can choose the tribes names from your city, landmarks around your town or the birthday child's name or favorite animals. 



survivor themed party team banners - no sew easy to make


do it yourself survivor party theme cloth banners for teams - easy and no sew

To make the banners:

I chose cotton fabric in different colors for each tribe - 2/3 yard each or 24" of each color.  The fabric was 45" wide so I used that for the length.    I hemmed around all the edges (you don't have to do this, I just didn't want the edges to fray and these flags are going to be saved and used for many years.) and then folded the top edge down to make a pocket for a 1" PVC pipe and sewed across the top.  If you don't sew you can do this with hot glue. 


I used the Survivant font and enlarged the letters I needed on a word processor then printed them out.   Cut out the letters from the paper so you have a template for your letters.   I then ironed Heat and Bond to the back of heavy white fabric.   Take the letter templates and trace the letters on the paper side of the Heat and Bond (that is attached to the fabric) making sure that the letters are BACKWARDS when you are tracing them.   You can trace the letters on the fabric side, but I've found tracing them on the paper side gives you a cleaner line when you cut them out.  Cut out the letters.   Take off the paper backing on the Heat and Bond and position your letters on the fabric banners.  Iron on. 


For the Survivor logo at the bottom I bought a packet of Light Fabric Transfers from Avery (#3271), printed out the logo onto the fabric transfer paper on my printer (make sure to REVERSE the image), cut out the logo and then ironed it on to the bottom of each flag. 


I wanted the flags to be able to be carried around and also stand against a wall when not in use (these could also be put into the ground if your games will be outside) so I chose pvc pipe which turned out to be a cheep (less then $1.00 for each banner) and easy solution. 

how to make easy and no sew banners for teams for a survivor theme birthday party

For each banner you will need 1" PVC pipe in a 18" length and a 48" length (or longer depending on how long you want the poles ) and a PVC "t-connector" in 1" x 1 1/2".  

Take the "t-connector" and place on the backside of the banner in the middle (I took out the stitching that I had sewed earlier across the top of the banner in ONLY a small section of the middle to accommodate the "t-connector".  Slip the "t-connector" into the pocket of the banner so that the larger 1/2" part is under the fabric and the smaller 1" side is facing out.  

Put the 18" piece of PVC pipe through the pocket of the banner and through the "t-connector".  Since the PVC pipe connector is larger then the 1" PVC pipe I hot glued the two together through the 1" hole in the connector.   (You have to use the larger connector or the 1" PVC pipe won't slide through).   I hot glued the edges of the banner pocket to the 18" PVC pipe inside to secure the ends.  Then attach the longer 48" piece of PVC pipe to the connector and you're done!


Survivor Party Invitation Ideas

Use the Survivor logo above for the party invitations. Print out the logo on the front of blank cards with party information on the inside.

Or print out the party information and the Survivor logo on a 8 x 10" piece of brown paper and roll up like a scroll.  Tie with raffia or twine, add a few wooden beads and a tag that says "Tree Mail". 

Send out colorful bandanas for buffs inside the invitation and ask the guest to wear that color to the party.




Survivor Party Decoration Ideas

The Survivor theme can be easily decorated with items similar to a Hawaiian or Luau party.  Some great things to look for are:

Fishing nets - throw them over the party tables, hang on walls and drape from doorways
Grass table skirts - put them around every table, chair, mantle, stairway and doorway that you have. 

Tiki items - Look for large wall posters, banners, masks, etc. to hang around the area.
Coconuts - buy some at the party store or make your own by covering large Styrofoam balls with burlap.

Palm Trees - large inflatable palm trees or extra large cardboard wall hangings are great.
Put sand on the party table.

Sprinkle sand along the pathway to the entrance.


Tiki torches - instead of lighting them make it look like they are on fire by putting red, yellow and orange feathers or strips of construction paper where the wicks are located.

Try and stay away from items that look like they belong in a Hawaiian party such as lei's, pink palm trees, etc. instead think island / tropical. 


Give each guest a bandana in their tribes color to wear during the party and take home afterward.



Crafts and Activities for a Survivor Party

Beach Flip Flops
Let everyone decorate their own flip flops in their tribe or favorite colors -
see our instructions for our Funky Flip Flop Craft


Rock Garden
Buy smooth flat river rocks - enough for every guest to have the same amount of rocks as there are guests at the party.   Let the party guests decorate the rocks with permanent markers (use silver markers for darker rocks) with their names and designs.   After everyone is done have the kids go around and give everyone at the party one of their rocks ... so at the end each guest will have a collection of rocks with everyone's names.  Give them a plastic bowl or container to hold the rocks and take home after the Survivor party.



Survivor Party Food Ideas
Serve snacks in large plastic shell bowls - some fun ideas are goldfish crackers, pretzel fish crackers or oyster crackers.
Fruit kabobs - cut up slices of fruit and place on bamboo skewers - if you coat the fruit with a little pineapple juice it won't turn brown. 
Cheese and Shells macaroni

survivor party theme candy buffet

Set up a Survivor candy buffet with these fun items:

Gummy sharks
Salt Water Taffy
Orange slices (shells)
Gummy worms
Large Jawbreakers
Pixie sticks (sand)
Fruit flavored gum and sour candies
Sour Patch Kids (tiki men!)

Survivor Theme Party Favors

Packs of Sour Patch Kids
Flip flops
Salt Water Taffy
Pixie sticks
Small tiki torch

survivor birthday party theme goody bags


Goody Bags
Plastic tiki glasses
Chinese food containers with the Survivor logo on the side

Wrap goodies up in a bandana

Place party favors in a brown paper bag, fold over and punch two holes at the top.  Thread twine through the holes and ttach a Survivor tag with a thank you note. 

You can also cut the flap into thin strips to look like a grass skirt or tiki hut.







Truth or Dare

Sidewalk Chalk

Water Balloons


Backyard Games

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