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Luau Birthday Party Ideas



Luau Birthday Party Theme Ideas


Kids Luau party ideas for a Luau Themed Birthday.  Use these creative and easy Luau party ideas at your next Hawaiian Luau party for a birthday everyone will remember. Luau themed games, activities, ideas for decorations, invitations, party favors and more.

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Luau Party Ideas for Invitations

Write party details and information on a pretty piece of paper. Roll up like a scroll and tie twine around it.
Place inside a plastic water bottle (with the label removed). Add a little sand and a few small shells for a fun message inside a bottle.

Find large flat shells at a craft store. Write party information right on the shells in permanent marker.

Buy lei’s at the party store and attach party information to the lei - ask them to wear the lei to the party.

Ask on the invitation for guests to wear Hawaiian shirts, shorts or outfits.





Decorations for a Luau Birthday Party

Outside of the party venue attach hula skirt to tree trunks and bushes and hang lei's from the tree branches.

Use brightly colored Hawaiian fabric as tablecloths and to throw over chairs or buy Hawaiian shirts and put them on the backs of the party chairs.  

Place dried grass or hula skirts around the sides of the tables.

Convert a table or bar to a tiki bar by making it into a grass hut.

Serve fun fruit smoothies in pineapple or coconut glasses.

Make tiki masks and place them on the walls. Make a large one for the front door.

Make palm trees from large sheets of colored paper, or buy plastic air filled palm trees.

Use coconuts and pineapples as weights for helium balloon bunches.

Decorate the mailbox like a palm tree or a big pineapple to let guests know where the Luau party is located.

Fun Ideas for a Luau themed party

Give everyone a Hawaiian name when they arrive (or send it in the invitation to get them excited about the party) - write their Hawaiian name on a name tag and only use those throughout the party.
What's my Hawaiian name?



Give everyone lei’s when they enter the party (or give them as prizes throughout the evening).

Give the girls grass skirts to wear. Buy them or make the skirts by cutting the bottom off of drawstring trash bags and then cutting long strips in the “skirt”.



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Luau Party Games


Use a decorated broomstick handle or pole for guests to limbo under. Have a contest and give away lei’s or small prizes to the winner.

Hula Hoop Contest

Buy enough hula hoops for every guest to have one at the party.  Start by giving basic directions to those who have never hula hooped before.   Have several contests and give prizes to the three top winners from each category. 

Some fun contests are:  The longest time, the shortest time, on your neck, on your waist, on your ankle, two hula hoops at a time, best form, worst form, and most improved.

See our page full of fun Hula Hoop party games for kids of all ages!  Over 10 great games that all use hula hoops you can find at the dollar store.  Let the kids take home their hula hoop as a party favor after the Luau party.

Musical Beach Towels

This game is played like the classic kids party game of musical chairs and cake walk combined, but instead of chairs the kids will try to stand on a beach towel when the music stops.  You'll need enough beach towels for each party guest that is playing the game less 1 towel.  Set out the beach towels folded in half in a large circle.  The more space between the towels the more the kids will have to run to stand on a towel when the music stops.  Start the music and let the kids go in a circle around the towels.  When the music stops everyone must run to stand on a towel.  The child that doesn't get one is out, but gets to stop the music in the next round.  Play until there are only two players left and the final round determines the winner.



Reverse Musical Beach Towels
This is a funny game for large parties.  Instead of each round eliminating one player in this version you take away one beach towel per round.  So when the music stops players can share a beach towel with other players.  At the end all the players will try to fit onto one beach towel.  Very fun for everyone and no one is eliminated.  Instead of folding the beach towels lay them flat so that more kids can stand on them.  



Luau Volleyball
Set up a volleyball net and let the kids play volley ball using a beach ball.  For more fun add several beachballs and have them all going at the same time!

Find more beach ball party games for your Luau on our huge page of beachball games!


Activities for a Luau Party


Parrot Piñata
Or a pineapple or palm tree … anything tropic would work. This is a fun kids Luau party idea and can be bought or made several days ahead using our Pinata paper mache recipe. Fill with fun tropical luau themed candy and small toys or stickers.


Hot glue colorful flowers on barrettes.

Make Lei’s - paint coffee filters with water colors and let dry. Cut circles about 1 ½ inches wide from the coffee filters. String the coffee filter flowers on thread with noodles or beads as spacers.

Make colorful necklaces with sea shells.






Luau Party Food Ideas

Carve a watermelon into a pretty bowl and fill it with fresh fruit.

Hollow out coconuts by drilling two holes in each one. Fill them with tropical juices using a funnel. Use one hole for the straw one for an small umbrella. Make these ahead and store in the refrigerator for the kids luau party.

Ham or pulled pork sandwiches

Fruit kabobs are easy to make when you use pretzels to skewer strawberry and pineapple pieces.

Octopus Hot Dogs - cut hotdogs long ways into 8 strips … being sure to leave 1” of one end of the hot dog uncut. Place in the microwave to heat - the 8 “legs” will curl up while cooking and will look like an octopus.

Hawaiin Make Your Own Pizza - set out ready made individual pizza crusts and let party guests make their own pizzas with ham, pineapple, pepperoni and other pizza toppings.






Party Favors for a Hawaiian Luau

Great kids Luau party ideas for party favors.  Lets the kids take home a piece of the Luau party to remember the fun they had while they were there. 

Grass hula skirts
Plastic coconut drinking glasses
Tropical flavored Skittles, Starbursts or Runts
Hibiscus plastic water bottles
Flower hair clips
Beach ball or a hula hoop used in the party games above

Luau Birthday Goody Bags

Fun kids Luau party ideas for goody bags / treat bags to take home with them after the party.

Coconut plastic drinking cup filled with candies


Chinese takeout containers in a Hawaiian theme

Brown paper lunch sacks - make small cuts about 2” long on the top of the bag. Fold down and you have a little Tiki hut.

Brown paper lunch sacks stamped with pineapples, coconuts or palm trees.






Luau Aloha sign with a smiling pineapple in sunglasses









Truth or Dare

Sidewalk Chalk

Water Balloons


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