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Hello Kitty Party Ideas


Hello Kitty Birthday Party Theme Ideas

Hello Kitty birthday party ideas that will help make your birthday party a success. 

We've listed all the great ideas sent in by our readers and placed them on one page so you can mix and match the ideas that will work best for your party. 

Hello Kitty party supplies from Amazon

Hello Kitty Invitations

Hello Kitty note cards with birthday party information printed inside.

White note cards with a red or pink hair bow drawn on the front with permanent marker

White note cards with black whiskers drawn on the front with a black permanent marker.   Or glue black pieces of yarn on the front to look like whiskers.







Hello Kitty Birthday Decoration Ideas

Make kitten paw prints by printing them on the computer or drawing them on white paper with a black marker.  Cut them out and place them along the path to the party entrance ... or you can also draw paw prints on the sidewalk with sidewalk chalk.    


Tie red or pink bows onto tree branches or bushes outside the party area.  On the front door make a large pink bow and attach it to the top of the door and then  use black pipe cleaners to make Hello Kitty whiskers and attach them to the sides of the door.  


Use wide ribbon or strips of fabric (pink or red) and tie them in a bow on the back of all the party chairs. 

Tie a large bow around the edge of the party table or the table holding the cake and presents. 

Use white tablecloths and pink or red plates with black flatware.



Hello Kitty Party Activities

Face Painting
While guests are arriving to the birthday party use face paints or eyeliner to draw hello kitty whiskers on each guest.   You could also paint black or pink triangles on their noses.  Give guests a large pink or red hair bow (or bow on a headband).


Fun T-Shirts
On white t-shirts let the kids paint on a Hello Kitty face with fabric paints or permanent markers.  Have a large picture of Hello Kitty on the table so they can trace it or freehand. 


Kitty Bow
Make and decorate a Pink or Red hair bow.  Let guests choose that color of the bow and then provide glue and rhinestones, stickers and other embellishments so that they can make it their own.  Send home as a party favor!


Hello Kitty Coloring Sheets
Print out different coloring sheets before the party and place them on a table with lots of crayons or colorful markers.  Let the party guests color the sheets as an activity during the party or use as a great icebreaker at the beginning of the party when guests are arriving. 



Hello Kitty Party Games

Mouse Piñata
Let guests decorate pink or red bags (to hold the pinata candy) and then line them up to take a turn at a mouse Piñata.  See safety tips and directions on setting up the Piñata on our Piñata Game page.  



On a Mouse Treasure Hunt
You will need plastic mice or mice shapes cut from card stock and small prizes to give away to play this game.  On each one of the mice write a number that matches the number that you have given one of the prizes.  Each prize should have a different number.  Hide the mice before the guests arrive.   Ask guests to help you find all the hidden mice.  You can give away the prizes the first time when they find the mice, or play several rounds and at the very end of the last round tell the kids what the numbers on the mice mean.  Then they can exchange their mice for prizes.  



Yarn Game

Before the party begins buy several colors of yarn - one color for each guest that will be playing the game.  In a seperate room, or outside, take each color of yarn and weave it through the room, around chair legs, under tables, etc.  Weave the yarn loosly so that the children will be able to undo the yarn easily during the game.  During the party assign each child a color and have them collect the yarn into a ball as they go along until they reach the end of the piece of yarn.  The first player to collect all of their yarn wins!



Pin the Bow On Hello Kitty
This is just like the classic party game of Pin the Tail on the Donkey, however players try to pin pink bows on a poster size version of Hello Kitty.  Many party stores will sell a version of this game, or make your own using a poster (or if you're tallented draw your own) of Hello Kitty and use stickers or make bows from paper and place tape on the back of the bow so it will stick to the poster. 



Kitty Litter Relay
Teams race to see who can fill their container first with sand.   You will need a very large container filled with sand, two smaller containers that the kids will fill up and some plastic spoons for this game.  Place the large container filled with sand at the opposite end of the playing area then where the teams are lined up with their smaller containers.  Each team gets a plastic spoon (have more available just in case they break) and on "go" must run to the large container, get a spoonful of sand and then run back to their teams container and place the sand inside it.  First team to fill their container wins!


Fish Relay
This is a fun relay game that can be played as teams or individually.  Each player gets a small bowl of about 20 goldfish crackers plus an empty bowl.  During the game players will transfer the goldfish crackers from one bowl to the next using a spoon or chopsticks (for older children).  The first player to transfer all of their goldfish crackers wins!





See our girls party games page to find more fun party games!



Hello Kitty Party Food
Cream cheese and strawberry sandwiches
Petite Fours
Pink lemonade
Strawberry milk

Hello Kitty Party Favors
Large pink or red hair bows
Cat ear headbands
T-shirts with the Hello Kitty face
Hello Kitty rings or necklaces
Friendship bracelets



Hello Kitty Goody / Loot Bag Ideas
Place the bday party favors in one of these options.
- New plastic cat dishes
- White bags with pink or red bows
- Bags with black pipe cleaner whiskers glued on the front
- Plastic theme cups


Hello Kitty face with a red bow







Truth or Dare

Sidewalk Chalk

Water Balloons


Backyard Games

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