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Fun Fall Theme Games for Kids Parties


Fall Theme Party Games



Fun Fall games for kids that are great to play for Autumn parties, Harvest parties and Fall parties

Fun and silly fall and autumn games that will keep kids happy and entertained for Fall parties.   You'll also find the link to our Free Thanksgiving theme scavenger hunt list! What you need to play each of the Fall games is listed underneath the title of the game in italics.



Fall Party Games


Candy Corn Relay
Capture the Turkey
Corn Roll game
Gobble tag game
Great Pumpkin Game
Harvest Relay Race
Harvest Walk
Leaf Blower

Penny Toss
Pin the tail on the turkey
Pumpkin Bowling game

Pumpkin Pass
Pumpkin Pie game

Pumpkin, Pumpkin, Pinecone!
Pumpkin Roll game

Scarecrow Hustle

Squirrel Harvest

Thanksgiving / Fall Scavenger Hunt List
Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt List



Fall Party Activities


Indian bead shirts

Pumpkin decorating contest

Indian Corn Kernel Guess




Fall Games


Candy Corn Relay

Candy corn, 2 equal containers with medium to small top opening, large bowl and spoons

This is a fast-paced relay style game that uses candycorn.  Place a large amount of candy corn in a big bowl and place it between the teams.  At the opposite side of the starting line place two containers (one for each team).  Divide into teams and give each team a spoon.  On "go" the first player from each team must take the spoon and dip it into the large bowl of candy corn, then run to their team container and put the candy corn on the spoon into it.  Then they run back and hand the spoon to the next player on their team.  The first team to completely fill their container wins!  Or play until the candy corn in the large bowl is gone and count how many candycorns each team has in their container. 



Capture the Turkey

Plastic turkeys, orange balls or pictures of turkeys pinned to a flag

This fun Fall game is played just like Capture the Flag only instead of flags each team must hide their turkey.  See directions on how to play Capture the Flag.  Or instead of turkeys use pumpkins as the flag. 




Corn Roll Game
Dried Indian Corn Cobs
Play this Fall game inside or outside.  Play individually or in teams depending on how many party guests you have.  Birthday guests roll ears of dried Indian corn along the floor with their nose from the starting line and then back again.  They can't use anything but their noses to push or roll the corn.  Fun!

Gobble Tag

Group of Children
Played like freeze tag.  The party guest who is "it" tries to tag the other guests.  When tagged the child must hold still and "gobble" until another child comes and touches them - then they are unfrozen.  When "it" gets everyone tagged and frozen they get to pick the next "it".



The Great Pumpkin Game

Group of Children
Fun and active game that needs nothing to play.
The "Great Pumpkin" or leader calls out silly actions for the players to do.  The last person to do the action is out of the game.   (Or play without eliminations by changing the leader during the game).

The actions (listed below) are done individually, in pairs of 2 or groups of 3 or 4 which is determined by the explanation.   Go over the actions before the game so that the players will know what action to do for each command.


  Command Action

Let's Eat!

Group of 3 - Two players sit and make a table while the 3rd player pretends to eat.



Players stretch out their arms and hold still like a scarecrow



Players get on the ground in a ball like a pumpkin.


Falling Leaves
Players jump up and then float to the ground like falling leaves.


Clean Up!

Group of 4 - Three players bunch on the ground into separate piles of leaves, 1 player to rake the leaves into one pile.


Turkey Trot

All players squat down and flap their arms and move to the right side of the room.


Leaf Pile!

Players pretend to run and then jump into a pile of leaves.


As the Crow flies

All players flap their wings and run to the left side of the room while cawing.



All players stand tall and place their hands around their face like a sunflower.


Gather Together
Gather in groups of 5



The first person to jump up and down waving their arms becomes the new Great Pumpkin.





Harvest Relay Race

2 Empty clear containers equal in size, one large container, filling for the large container (sunflower seeds, birdseed or deer corn), small cup or large spoon for each team.
Teams try to be the first to fill up their container with seeds.  Divide players into two teams.   At one end of the playing field set up two empty clear plastic containers that are equal in size (try to find containers that have a small opening at the top).   At the other end of the playing field set up a large container filled with sunflower seeds or deer corn.  


Give each team a small plastic cup or large spoon.   The players one at a time on each team must fill up their cup / spoon and then run to empty it into their container.  Then they run back and hand off to the next person on their team.  Play continues until one of the teams containers is full.  



Harvest Walk
Red, yellow and orange construction paper or posterboard, container for numbers, tape, marker, a way to play and stop music, prizes

This fun party game is played like a Cake Walk with a Autumn theme.   Write numbers from 1 - 30 on separate pieces of red, yellow and orange construction paper (cut the paper into fall shapes: pumpkins, turkeys, corn  ... or leave them as rectangles).  Tape the numbers down and arrange them in a large circle (or oval) on the carpet or floor leaving at least 10" of space between the numbers.


On a separate sheet of paper write down the numbers (1 - 30) and cut them into squares - one number per square.  Fold the small numbers and place them in a decorated container.   Start by having the kids stand on a spot in the large circle.  Tell them that when the music starts they are to begin walking in a line around the paper circle stepping on the numbers as they go around the circle. 


When the music stops they have to stop and stand on top of the number closest to them. (A variation is to let them choose to stay where they are at or run to another empty number).   Then a number is chosen from the container and the child who's number is called wins a prize.  Variations: Play this near the party's end and let the goody bags be the prizes.


After a number is called remove it from both the circle and from the container so the number won't be called again and the circle gets smaller - this makes the game move a little faster.


Give small pumpkins as prizes for the game and let the kids take them home.


Leaf Blower Game
Leaves, plastic straw for each player

Each player gets 1 leaf and 1 plastic drinking straw.  The object of the game is to see who can move their leaf across a table or designated area the fastest by using the straw to blow air on the leaf. 




Penny Toss

Hollowed out pumpkins and pennies or pumpkin seeds

Hollow out a large pumpkin and cut the top off so there is a large opening at the top.  Have kids try and throw pennies into the pumpkin.  For older children you can hollow out several large pumpkins and set them at different distances from the throwing line.  Give a point value to each pumpkin and keep score.  Each player gets 5 turns.  


Varitation:  To make it even more difficult cut smaller holes into a very large pumpkin and give each hole a point value.  Players try and throw pennies to make them go into the holes and gather points.  Give each player 5 turns or play to 25 points. 




Pin the Tail Fall Party Game
Traditional birthday party game, but instead pin the tail feather on the turkey! Or play pin the stem on the pumpkin, pin the acorn on the squirrel, etc.




Pumpkin Bowling Game

10 plastic 2-liter bottles, sand, pumpkins

It's just plain bowling with a fun - and messy - twist!  Boys love this birthday game!  Use empty 2 liter plastic bottles filled with a little sand or gravel to make them harder to knock over. Set up pins about 30 plus feet away from the throwing line.  Then the kids roll, throw or toss the pumpkins at the pins to knock them down.  Give each player 3 pumpkins to throw at the pins and keep score.


Tip: After the mess have kids pick up the seeds (and pumpkin pieces) and use them in a pumpkin seed spitting contest. 




Pumpkin Pass

small pumpkins / one for each team of children

Divide kids into teams and give each team 1 pumpkin.  They teams line up one right after the other so they are all facing the same direction.  Give the leader a pumpkin and they must pass it to the player behind them over their head.


The player that recieves the pumpkin then has to pass the pumpkin under their legs to the next player in line.  That player then passes the pumpkin over their head to the next player and so on down the line.  Over and under all the way to the end player.  Then the player have to reverse order and pass the pumpkin back to the front of the line.  The team that completes this first is the winner.  To make the game a little more challenging for older children play several rounds where after each round the kids have to make more space between them and the next player.




Pumpkin Pie Game

Group of friends

This is played like hide and go seek (the squished sardines version).  One person counts and the other birthday guests go hide.  The twist is that the hiding party guests must look for each other without getting caught by the "seeker". 


When two hiders find each other they must then hide together.  Play continues until all the hiders are hiding together.  If they can all hide together without getting caught then the seeker is "it" again.




Pumpkin, Pumpkin, Pinecone!

Group of children and space to run around

This is a fun Fall themed game for kids to play inside or outside.  It is played just like Duck, Duck, Goose!  Except instead of the person who it "it" patting heads and saying Duck, duck, duck ... they say "Pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkin" as they go around the circle.  Then they finally pat one child's head and say "Pinecone!".  The child that was tagged as the pinecone has to stand up and run around the outside of the circle of children and tag "it" before the player who is "it" can run around the circle and sit in the empty spot.  Fun game for kids of all ages! 




Pumpkin Roll Game
Fun birthday party game for kids of all ages!  Set up an obstacle course (this game is best played outside) that the birthday guests will have to maneuver a pumpkin around by rolling it.  Set up obstacles that the kids will have to go over, around, through and under. Gather up several intact pumpkins  - you may need a few extra in case of "breakage".



Scarecrow Hustle

Scarecrow theme dress up items in large sizes such as straw hats, overalls, flannel shirts, gloves, handkerchief and boots

This is a fun game for kids of all ages.  Place 2 piles of scarecrow clothes opposite where the teams will line up to start the game.  Divide the kids into equal teams and have them line up at the starting line.  On "go" one person from each team will run to the pile of clothes, put them all on, run back to their team and then have to run back to take the clothes off.  They then run back to their team and tag the next player in line and it is their turn to dress up like a scarecrow.  The winning team is the first team to have all of their players dress up and all of them back behind the starting line. 



Squirrel Harvest

Plastic playballs, red plastic eggs or similar objects

This is a fun game for kids of all ages! Even those as young as 2 and 3 can grasp the game and have fun playing.  Hide red plastic balls (like the type in ball pits) around the yard or the house.  Give each player a plastic bag and let them search and find all the balls.  We use red plastic balls so we can replay the game at Christmas during the holidays with all ages of children.  This is a game that kids love and they will want to play over and over. 

Red plastic balls for hiding from Amazon




Thanksgiving Theme Scavenger Hunt
A fun activity for kids and families of all ages!   Search for the 38 Thanksgiving / Fall themed items from our FREE scavenger item list!  Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt List



Fall Theme Party Activities



Indian Bead Shirts
Make fun Indian bead shirts for a party activity.  Buy inexpensive t- shirts - big or small (girls can wear larger t-shirts as dresses).  Cut the sleeves and bottom of the shirt into fringe about 2 - 3 inches long.  String large plastic multi colored beads on each piece of fringe - then knot the shirt at the end so the beads don't fall off.   Fun and festive! 

Indian Corn Kernel Guess

Fill a glass container with Indian corn kernels and guests have to guess the number of kernels in the jar.  Closest guess to the actual number gets a prize, or gets the first piece of birthday cake! 



Pumpkin Decorating
Instead of carving pumpkins - have a decorating contest and decorate them with yarn for hair and draw on features with colorful permanent markers.  Add hats, sunglasses and earrings! 



More fun Fall Games ...


Fall Would You Rather Game



Fall Minute to Win It Games



Fall theme Dares for Truth or Dare





Fall leaves on a tree during Autumn







Truth or Dare

Sidewalk Chalk

Water Balloons


Backyard Games

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