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Charity Party Ideas

Charity birthday parties are a great birthday party idea for kids who want to give back to their community. 

Start planning your Charity birthday party by deciding what Charity your child would like to support. 

Then call the Charity and ask them what items they need.  This will give you a good idea of what to ask your guests to bring or what you would like to do at the party to collect those items. 
  Charity Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

On the invitation let guests know that the party will be to benefit the Charity you have chosen. 

On the invitation ask guests to bring an item to support the Charity instead of a present for the birthday child.  You might want to include some literature or a website address for the charity so that guests (and their parents) will be familiar with it before arriving at the party. 

Let guests know what you will be doing at the party to support the charity.  See ideas below. 

Some ideas for Charities to support:

Animal Shelters
Ask guests to bring items for the animals in your Animal Shelter - or have a fun Animal Shelter Scavenger Hunt throughout your neighborhood.  Collect gently used items for the Shelter and then pack the guests up and let them deliver the items together.  If you call ahead some shelters will give group tours and even let you walk and play with some of the animals.  We've compiled a great Animal Shelter scavenger hunt list with 23 things to search for that Animal Shelters usually need. The
Animal Shelter scavenger hunt lists are free to print out.   There are also some more fun ideas for an Animal Shelter Party.

     Cancer Awareness
Take part in a local walk/run/marathon.  Meet before the walk/run for a birthday breakfast or meet after the event for a brunch.   Instead of walking or running in the event put the kids in charge of a pit stop station and let them hand out water to the runners.  Ask for donations to go to the charity and buy the party guests event shirts (which also benefit the charity) as favors.

Children's Hospital

Let the guests make cards to cheer up sick children in hospitals.  Set out lots of blank note cards, paints, markers, scrapbook embellishments, feathers, glitter, etc. and have the kids make several cards each for patients in Children's hospitals.  Call the hospital before the party and ask if there are any guidelines you need to take into consideration.  Instead of birthday presents guests can bring books, toys and puzzles to donate to the hospital. 

Clean up a local park
Check with your City's Park and Recreation office and ask if there are any parks that need cleaning up in your area.  Supply the party guests with large thick trash bags and gloves.   When the park cleanup is done set up a birthday picnic at the park and play outdoor
birthday games.   Or have a fun Nature Scavenger Hunt - free item lists to print out!

Food Bank
Check with your local Food Bank and see what items they need.  Make up a Food Bank scavenger hunt list with those items and send the party guests into the neighborhood to find them.  You can also ask on the invitation that instead of a birthday present the birthday child would like some canned goods for the Food Bank.   After the scavenger hunt load up the items and take them to the Food Bank.  If you call ahead some Food Banks will give the kids a tour and even let them stock shelves. 
Directions and rules for scavenger hunts.

Homeless Shelter
Check with you local Homeless Shelter and see what items they need.  Make up a Homeless Shelter scavenger hunt list with those items and send party guests into the neighborhood to find them.  Common items needed are: toothbrushes, combs, brushes, toothpaste, hats, gloves, hair accessories and small rubber bands, beanies, socks, band aids, shampoo, towels, rain ponchos and blankets.  You can ask guests on the invitation to bring some of these items instead of a birthday present.  Some shelters also need backpacks filled with items for younger children such as stuffed animals, blankets and toys.    

Military Care Packages
If you know of a man or woman in the Armed Services you could brighten their day with a care package from home.  Send the package to the whole unit and lift all of their spirits by knowing someone cares about them.  Find out what items are needed and acceptable to send overseas and send it with your party invitation.  At the party have a photo of the person or unit you will be sending the items to so the kids can create a connection with them.   Let the kids make homemade cards and send pictures of the party with the package. 

Teddy Bears / Stuffed animals for Traumatized children
Many Police Stations and Fire Departments are collecting stuffed animals to give to traumatized children after a fire or an incident that requires the police.   Ask guests to bring a new (with tags) stuffed animal with them to the party or have a build your own stuffed animal party and let the guests make the stuffed animals to give away.

Charity Party Favors
Ask the Charity that you are going to support if they have t shirts or items for sale that will benefit the charity - then hand them out to the guests as party favors.

Some organizations have thank you certificates that they print out and give to volunteers - ask if your charity does this and if not, make them yourself to give to the guests. 





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