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Spring Party Games and Scavenger Hunt



Spring party games for kids, tweens, teens and adults


Spring Party Ideas

Fun Spring party games for kids of all ages ...  and adults too!  

Print out the Spring themed Scavenger Hunt list with 25 items to find for a fun and easy game the whole family will enjoy!




Spring Scavenger Hunt

A Scavenger Hunt is a fun springtime party idea for all ages! Divide players into 2 teams and give each team a copy of the Spring Scavenger Hunt list.  


Give each team a large shopping bag and a pencil so they can carry the items they find and mark off any items they find along the way.  Send teams out in different directions or to eliminate any chance that they will go to the same houses give one team odd number houses and the other team the even numbered houses.  


A time limit should be set (1 or 2 hours depending on how much time you have and how big of an area you want to cover).  Teams must be back within the time limit or they receive a 10 point penalty.  


Each item on the list is 1 point, or add extra points for hard to find items.  


One scavenger hunt item per house.  Make sure an adult stays with each team during the whole game.


Spring Hunt Scavenger Hunt List

1. Basket
2. Plastic grass from a Basket
3. Plastic Egg
4. Peep marshmallow
5. Stuffed Spring theme animal (rabbit, chick, lamb)
6. Chocolate bunny
7. Picture of a chicken
8. Candy eggs
9. Jelly beans
10. Piece of pastel paper
11. Chocolate Bunny
12. Purple ribbon
13. Flower or Lily
14. Light blue crayon
15. Coloring book page with an Spring theme
16. Egg
17. Rabbit item
18. Fancy ladies hat (bonnet)
19. Egg dying kit
20. Lamb
21. Feather
22. Sticker with a Spring theme
23. Cross
24. Rock (stone rolled away)
25. Colored egg


Spring Party Ideas


Egg Hunt
Egg hunts are always fun!  Fill plastic eggs with candy and hide them for children to find.   For a fun twist and to make it a little fairer for younger children assign 1 color of egg to each child.  They can only pick up their color of eggs.    This way each child will get the same amount of candy.  




Egg Walk
This game is just like an old fashioned Cake Walk with a twist. 
To set up for the game cut 25 extra large Egg shapes from pastel cardstock or poster board and write a number on each one 1 - 20. 

Also write down the numbers 1 - 25 on pieces of paper and place them in a Spring themed container.   These will be used to call out a number when the music stops.

Tape the large paper eggs to the floor in a very large oval "egg" pattern. 

Guests stand on a numbered paper egg and when the music starts they begin to walk clockwise around the eggs.  After 10 - 15 seconds have someone stop the music and everyone stops on the egg they are closest to.   Pull a number from the container and call it out.   Whoever is standing on that numbered egg wins a prize or a cupcake.   The game keeps going until everyone has won a prize.




Duck Duck Goose Egg Game
Kids of all ages love this classic game! Players sit in a circle on the ground and one player is chosen to be "it".  

They walk around the outside of the circle and pat the top of the players heads one at a time.   On each player they will say "Duck" ... then go to the next player and say "Duck" while patting them on the head. 


On one of the players in the circle they will pat their head and call out "Goose!".   The player who is it will then run clockwise around the circle and try to sit in the spot of the person they just called "Goose".   The Goose when patted on the head will quickly get up from the circle and chase the player who called them goose and try to tag them.   If they can catch them before they sit down then "it" starts again around the circle.   If they cant catch them then they become the new "it".  then "it" starts again around the circle.   If they cant catch them then they become the new "it". 



How many Jellybeans?
This is a great icebreaker style game when guests are arriving. Before the party begins fill a large glass container with jellybeans or any colorful themed candy.  As you fill the container count the candy and make sure to write the number down in a safe place.    Decorate the Jellybean container and put it on a table with pencils and paper where guests can write down their name and their guess as to how many jellybeans are in the container.  At the end of the party announce who was closest to the actual number in the jar.  The winner receives a prize or the container.



Spring Egg Toss
Before the party dye several dozen eggs - don't boil them first!   Divide the players into teams of 2.  Each team receives one dyed egg.   The teams will begin by standing 5 feet apart and tossing the egg to their teammate.   If the teammate catches the egg and it doesn't break then have the teams players each step back one step.   Continue until only one team is left with an unbroken egg.



Egg and Spoon Race
Before the party dye several eggs (or use plain eggs).   Divide players into 2 or more teams.   Have players line up behind each other and the first player of each team holds a wooden spoon.  The egg is placed on the spoon and on the word "GO!" they must walk from the starting line across the playing field and back and hand the egg off to the next teammate.   The first team with all of their players to finish wins!

 For older children (5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and up) make the game course more complex by adding obstacles they have to walk over, crawl through or underneath. 

If they drop the egg then they pick it up, go back to the starting line and begin again.



Duck Waddle Race
This party game is fun for every age!   In a large area place several cones at one end of the playing field.  At the start put down tape or a rope for everyone to start behind.  Players will squat down and grab their ankles and then duck waddle around the cones and then waddle back to the starting line.  First player to waddle back wins!






Fun Party Food Ideas
Just for fun make Peep smores with graham crackers, chocolate bars and peeps for the marshmallows!


Make hot chocolate and instead of marshmallows use Peeps. 


For a fun candy / party buffet set up jars with labels such as:

Cheetos - bunny carrots
Large Marshmallows - bunny tails
Chocolate Raisins - Bunny poop



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