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Birthday party ideas for a Prince theme birthday party.  Fun and unique Prince themed party games, activities, ideas for invitations, decorations, party favors and more that are perfect for little boys. Celebrate with these fun and easy do it yourself royal party ideas. 


Prince birthday hat




Games for a Prince Birthday Party

Royal Jousting
Place two blocks of wood or low step stools about 2 feet apart. Two at a time give the Prince and his guests a pool noodle and step up onto the platform. They have to try and knock each other off their platform with the pool noodle within 1 minute. Let everyone have a turn in the Royal Jousting Match.


Sword Fight with Bubbles

Give each guest a foam sword.  Have several adults blow bubbles (or use a bubble machine) and have the princes pop the bubbles with their swords. This is a fun game for all ages.  Make your own bubbles with our Royal homemade bubble solutions.



Sword and Coin Race
Teams use a foam sword and try to balance them on the sword and get all their coins into the treasure box first. Give each team a container that contains 25 or more plastic coins.  Set two treasure boxes across from the teams. 


Balance one coin on the sword and race to put it in the box. Then the second person goes until every coin is inside their treasure box. If someone drops a coin the child has to put it back in the container and gives the sword away to the waiting child in line. Variation:  After playing the first round make guests balance two coins and then three and four coins on the swords instead of one.  




Dragon Egg Hunt
A fun party game for a Prince birthday party is to have the boys and girls search for Dragon Eggs.  Before the party begins buy colorful plastic eggs and  fill them with small toys, prizes or candy.  Hide the Royal Dragon Eggs around the Kingdom (party venue or backyard).  Give each child a paper bag or container to collect all the eggs that they find.


For older children set them loose to find as many eggs as they can find.  For younger children assign each child a color and they can only collect the eggs in their color.  Variation:  Hide chocolate gold coins instead of dragon eggs (or hide both!) and the children can keep the coins that they find. 


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 Prince Party Favor Ideas
Foam swords
Lego castle building sets
Pool Noodles (jousting)



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Games just for boys - Boys party games






Prince Party Invitation Ideas

Print party invitations on blue marbled paper.

Hear Ye ... Hear Ye!

The Royal Family of _________

proudly announces the royal birthday celebration of Prince ____________

You are hereby requested to attend the royal celebration at the ___________ (host's last name) Castle.

Located high on the hill at at __________________ (party's address)

During the hours of ________________

A RSVP is requested at the Queen.   

Roll into scrolls and then tie with blue ribbon. 

Or insert into envelopes and a wax seal or gold foil seal on envelope.



Prince Party Decoration Ideas


Decorate for the Prince themed party with any of these fun ideas.   

Tie helium balloons in silver, white and blue to the mailbox or outside the party area so guests will know where the party is located. 


On butcher paper or brown rolls of wrapping paper draw bricks on one side and tape it down to the walkway of the party entrance. 


Attach plastic chains (can be found at hardware stores) on either side of the house and to the ground on either side of the walkway to make a drawbridge for an entrance.  If the party will be at night hang strings of lights in the trees outside the party.  Make a sign that says "The __________'s (name of family) Castle". 


Hang banners or flags (the type that would be seen on castles) outside leading up to the entrance. 


Decorate the party table in blues and grays. 


Cups can be decorated with stick on jewels before the party or let guests decorate their own. 


Drape blue fabric over the chairs and gather in the back with a rubber band. 

Place foam swords in the rubber bands. 

When the Prince opens his presents

Decorate 2 big chairs with fabric or blankets so they look like thrones.  Wingback chairs work great or use stiff cardboard to make a low back chair into a throne. 

Set the two thrones together and place a small table in between them. Place the goody bags in a basket on the small table or you can fill the basket with wrapped small prizes.  When the little prince is opening presents sit him in a throne.  

One by one announce the guests by saying  “Hear ye, hear ye! Announcing Prince ________ . The child takes their present and gives it to the prince and sits in the throne beside him. The birthday boy will accept the present give guest their goody bag or prize. They can then both open a present together. Great way to get pictures with the prince and each guest. 






Prince Party Goody / Loot Bag Ideas


Large goblet

Box or bag that looks like castle wall bricks







Truth or Dare

Sidewalk Chalk

Water Balloons


Backyard Games

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