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Golf Party - Birthday Party Theme

Golf birthday party ideas for kids that will help plan your next golf birthday party. 

Golf themed ideas for invitations, decorations, activities, party games, food, favors and goody bags.
Golf theme birthday party ideas

For a fun golf themed invitation make one that looks like a golf scorecard.  You can use one from your local golf course or miniature golf for a template.  Use golf terms to announce the Tee Time (time), Event Sponsor (RSVP), Course (Address), Course Length (End of party), Water Hazards (for swimming parties).  

Make invitations that look like a putting green from green cardstock or construction paper.  Draw or affix stickers that look like a hole, ball and flag. 

Decorations for a Golf Party
Cover tables with green Astroturf or tablecloths.  Scatter golf tees and balls in the center of the tables or place them in bowls with flags in the center.  

If you can't find golf themed tableware use white plates (golf balls) and black or yellow flatware.

Hang or use helium balloons in green, white, yellow and black. 

Use golf clubs and bags set around the party venue to set the golf theme.  

Fun Ideas for a Golf Party
Play a round of miniature golf at your local venue, or make a crazy golf course in your backyard.

Hire a high school golf team member to attend the party and give the guests pointers on their golf game.

Take guests to a driving range.  

Rent a golf cart for the day and let parents take the children on rides through the neighborhood.


Decorate golf visors using foam visors from a craft store and foam stickers letters and pompoms.

Decorate a picture frame using stickers, paint, letters.  Tip: Paint the frames green before the party.

Let the guests warm up by practicing on a putting mat.

Golf Party Games
Golf Obstacle Course - set up a fun golf obstacle course in the backyard or park for the guests.  Break guests up into two teams (or time them individually) and give teams a plastic golf club.   Use practice or lightweight plastic golf balls and have each team - in relay style - go through the obstacle course.  You can use anything in your backyard to make the obstacle course - make them hit their ball while going under (or over!) a trampoline, through a swing set,  around cones, hit their balls through tunnels (make with cylinder oatmeal containers). 

Golf Ball Relays - fun relays to do using a practice or plastic golf ball.  Set up in teams or time individually.  Set up cones or a marker at the other end of the yard and have teams go around the cone and hand off to the next player.
Carry ball on a wooden spoon - like the old egg relay.
Hit a ball zigzag style through a line of cones (or use cans painted orange).
Make a put into a hole on the other side of the yard.

Pin the ball on the green
Use a large green poster board and draw a hole with a flag in the middle or to one side.  Cut white circles out of construction paper for the golf balls.  Number them and affix a small piece of double sided tape to the back.  Blindfold a party guests and spin them around.  Then tell them to place their golf ball on the green closest to the hole.  Give a small prize to the winner.  

Party games for ages 7, 8 and 9

Party Games for 5 and 6 year olds

Birthday games for ages  10, 11, 12

Golf Party Food
Hot dogs
Chips and Dip
Green iced cupcakes
Cake decorated like a putting green (use crushed graham crackers as sand pits)

Golf Party Favors
Golf themed candy or chocolates
Golf themed notebooks, pens and pencils
Sports towel
Tee solitaire game - using tees as pegs you jump until only one tee is left
Golf ball
Mini golf set

Golf Party Goody Bags
Golf towels wrapped around the party favors
Green bags with golf stickers
Large green cups or water bottles
Baskets with plastic grass (if your party is near Easter)






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