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Free Scavenger Hunt Lists


2 free neighborhood scavenger hunt lists




2 Free Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt Lists

Each list has 25 items to find in a neighborhood scavenger hunt. 

Use the same list for each group or use separate lists so that they bring back different items. 

Rules and directions for  scavenger hunts - See how to set up a scavenger hunt, score a scavenger hunt, how to play and break into teams along with tips to make it fun for everyone.






Printer friendly lists: 

Scavenger Hunt List #1 

Scavenger Hunt List #2 




Scavenger Hunt List #1

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1999 penny
Target bag
paper clip
band - aid
sweet-n-low packet
Christmas plate
Post it note
old shoe
.25 coupon
blue balloon
plastic spoon
birthday candle
pink crayon
Ziploc bag
toilet paper roll
comic strip
artificial flower
dryer sheet
piece of string
ketchup packet
ribbon or bow
birthday present




Scavenger Hunt List #2

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package of Raman noodles
paper cup
paper towel roll
froot loop (cereal)
piece of candy
picture of a dog
paper sack
gift wrap bag
piece of jewelry
Sudoku puzzle
business card
empty water bottle
birthday present


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