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A 2 Z Mall Scavenger Hunt List

A to Z Mall Scavenger Hunt List


Teams look for items that begin with each letter of the alphabet at the Mall. 

Can be played from an alphabetical list (see our list below), or teams can be assigned a few letters per team.

This game can be played with a digital camera, but if your mall won't allow pictures to be taken inside the mall it can be modified to be a cheap scavenger hunt. 


Hunt for presents and prizes for the birthday party, or give each team $10.00 and have them purchase as many items as they can with it.  Make sure to get receipts so the stores and amounts can be verified. 

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Free Mall Scavenger Hunt List for the A 2 Z Mall Scavenger Hunt. 



Teams must be courteous to shoppers and mall employees.


No two items can be from the same store.


All team members must be in the picture.


Receipts are required for the $10 hunt.




5 points for picture of each item. 


10 point bonus for first team to arrive at the meeting place. 


-10 point deduction for every instance of running, screaming or being rude to salespeople or shoppers.


-1 point deduction for every minute teams are late to the meeting place.




Items to find on the A 2 Z Mall Scavenger Hunt


A     Apple pie, Acorn, Apostrophe shopping bag

B     Button, Box, Bow, Business Card, Birthday Hat

C     Cowboy Hat, Chocolate Bar, Cards, Credit Appl.

D     Dog, Discount Sign, Disposable toilet seat cover

E     Elephant, Employment Application

F     Fish, Flag, French Fry, Food sample

G     Gong, Granite statue, Glitter, Gift Card Envelope

H      Hat, Handkerchief, Hollister Bag, Hanger

I        Iguana, Icing Bag

J       Jewelry, Jigsaw puzzle

K       Kangaroo, Karate item

L        Lime green shoes, Lily pad

M       Movie - title beginning with "M", Mall Map, Menu

N        Napkin, Name tag

O        Opal, Orange socks

P        Pencil, Pinecone, Paper clip, Price tag

Q        Quizno’s napkin - 1 point bonus for each Q item

R        Raincoat, Retro sign, Receipt

S        Sheep, Sofa, Straw, Staple, Safety Flyer, String

T        Tap shoes, Tape, Tinkerbelle, Tissue paper

U        Umbrella, Unicorn

V        Violin, Vest

W       Wool Mittens, White Shoes, Wings, Wind chime

X        3 point bonus for each item that begins with X

Y        Yellow hat, yellow gumball, yellow earrings

Z        Zebra design purse - 2 point bonus for each Z

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