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 Fall Would You Rather Game

The Would You Rather Game is a great party game for kids, tweens and teens.  

Players have to choose between two crazy answers to questions that are asked of the group. 

This is the Fall / Autumn version of the popular game that kids love to play. 

Perfect for large or small groups, birthday parties, classroom parties and youth groups.
Fall Would You Rather Game
To play:  Print out the Fall Would You Rather questions.  Cut the questions apart and place in a container that you can't see through, or fold the questions so that they can't be read before opened.  

One at a time a player chooses a question from the container and reads it aloud.   The player then has to choose which option they would rather do.   Funny game and gets the conversations started!

For larger groups - set up two areas (one for each choice) in the room.  When a question is read aloud players will go to the side of the room that corresponds with what they would rather do.   This is a fun way to get everyone involved and moving around!

FALL Would You Rather .....

Have a pumpkin for a head or squash for feet?

Spend the night in a bed full of the insides of 10 Pumpkins or cooked spaghetti?

Have leaves for hair or sticks for legs?

Jump in a pile of leaves full of worms or crickets?

Be a fox or an owl for 10 days?

Be chased by a scarecrow or a flock of crows?

Have a raccoon mask or owl feathers for hair?

Try to escape from a large corn maze or the mirror maze at the Fair?

Find a needle in a haystack or bob for apples?

Hayride or Bonfire?

Harvest pumpkins or corn?

Have a face like a sunflower or red, yellow and orange leaves for hair?

Indian or Pilgrim?

Watch professional football on TV or play football with friends and family?

Eat only candy apples or pumpkin pie for a month?

Gather a large wagon full of pinecones or a small wagon full of acorns?

Rake 10 large piles of leaves or bake 10 apple pies?

Listen to rustling leaves in the wind or rain on the roof?

Enjoy a feast with strangers or a simple meal with all of your family?

Pumpkin Spice  or Cinnamon?

Have a squirrel or a raccoon for a pet?

Wear boots or flip flops all year long?

Thanksgiving or Christmas?

Cranberry sauce or gravy?

Smell everything around you 10 x more or have everyone be able to smell you 10 x more?

Locked inside a library or museum at night?

Spend the night at the Fair with a friendly clown or the forest with a talking squirrel?

Dress like a Pilgrim or someone from the future for 1 month?

Wake up a bear that's begun to hibernate or be locked in a room of squirrels?

Have the wind constantly blowing or rain every 1/2 hour?

Would you rather have candy corn for teeth or Chestnuts for eyes?

Take a bath in cranberry sauce or gravy?

Harvest a truckload of cranberries or pecans?

Live in a field of sunflowers or mums?

Enjoy a crisp apple or apple cider?

Have turkey legs or pig ears?

Have hair like mashed potatoes or cranberry sauce?

Would you rather wear a hat shaped like a cornucopia or a turkey suit for 1 month?

Live in a house made from hay bales or corn stalks?

Jump in a pile of leaves or build a snowman?

Walk around for 12 days with cool whip on top of your head or between your toes?

Try to catch a turkey or a fox?

Eat only Thanksgiving dinner and no dessert or only dessert?

Wear socks or a scarf everywhere for a year?

Tell a large group 50 things you are thankful for or tell 50 individual people 1 thing you are thankful for?

Be a scarecrow in a cornfield or a crow?

Have a sunflower or a pumpkin farm?

Have a pumpkin pie or apple pie fight with your friends?

Would you rather rake leaves or shovel snow?

Fall theme Dares for Truth or Dare


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