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Christmas Would You Rather Questions


Christmas Would You Rather party game questions

This is a fun holiday version of the party game Would You Rather.


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Players take turns answering questions about which answer they would choose if they had to choose from the 2 provided.  




Funny, thought provoking and a lot of fun for kids, tweens, teens and adult parties.


Print out the questions.   Cut apart into separate strips.  Fold up the individual questions.  Place in a jar or container.  Players choose one question from the jar and read it out loud.  They have to say which one of the two options on their paper they would rather do.  Then the rest of the party group can answer the same question. 


For 200 more Would You Rather game questions see our Would You Rather regular game. 


For New Years Eve fun add these 25 New Years Eve Would You Rather questions!



Would You Rather ..... ????


Have a Pumpkin Pie fight
or ...

an Apple Pie fight with friends?



Have Elf ears
or ...
a Santa beard?



Have Rudolf follow you around every day until Christmas
or …
or be followed by Frosty the Snowman?



Wrap Christmas presents for 8 hours
or ...

Help children take pictures with Santa at the Mall?



7 hours of Christmas shopping

or ...

10 hours of Christmas movies?



Have a Red Rudolf Nose

or …

a Frosty button nose?



Ask everyone you meet their favorite color
or ...

Smile really big at everyone and not say anything?



Watch Elf
or ...

It's a Wonderful Life?



Make snow angels
or ...

go ice skating?



Live in a giant Gingerbread House
or …

in Santa’s Toy Shop?



7 levels of the candy cane forest
or ...

sea of swirly whirly gumdrops?



Eat only Fruitcake for a week
or …

Drink only Egg Nog for a week?




Cindy Lou Who?



Candy Cane legs
or ...

gum drops for eyes?



Large ornaments for earrings
or ...

A decorated wreath necklace?



Sing Jingle Bells once every hour for 2 weeks 
or …

or wear an Elf costume to school for 1 week?



 How the Grinch Stole Christmas
or ...

Christmas Story?



Wear a hat made of mistletoe
or …

or wear Jingle Bells on your feet for a week?



 Mittens for hands
or ...

Ski's for feet?



Have your Elf on a Shelf talk to you
or ...

talk with your Christmas tree?



Christmas lights for  fingernails
or …

Silver tinsel for hair?



Home with family for the Holidays
or …

Disneyworld by yourself?

Sing Christmas Carrols by yourself
or ...

Sit on Santa's lap for 1 hour?



Rake leaves
or …

or Shovel Snow?



 Be in a scene from Home Alone
or ..




Be an Elf at the North Pole
or …

one of Santa’s Reindeer?



Eyes made out of coal
or ...

reindeer feet?



Snowed in with lots of family during the holidays
or ...

on a beach with just a few of your family?



Spend 11 hours untangling Christmas lights
or ...

Find the one light that is out on a string of Christmas lights a mile long?



 Bonfire and Smores
or ...

Holiday video and hot chocolate?



 Play in the Super Bowl
or ...

Perform in the Nutcracker?



Snowball for a head
or ...

100 jingle bells for hair?



 A partridge in a pear tree
or ...

2 turtle doves?



 3 French hens
or ...

4 calling birds?



 5 golden rings
or ...

6 geese a laying?



 7 swans a swimming
or ...

8 maids a milking?



 9 ladies dancing
or ...

10 lords a leaping?



11 pipers piping
or ...

12 drummers drumming?



 Be an angel on top of the tree
or ...

a Jack in the Box toy?



 Spend a day with the Grinch
or ...

Jack Frost?



Go sledding
or ...

take a horse drawn sleigh ride?



or ...

Nice list?



Have snowflakes for eyelashes
or ...

icicles for teeth?



Wrap 100 presents
or ...

decorate 10 trees?



 Have holly for hair
or ...

wear Christmas stockings for legs?



Have strings of cranberries for fingers
or ...

Figgie pudding toes?



Wear ugly Christmas sweaters for 1 year
or ...

stay with the Abdominal snowman for 1 week?



or ...




Take a look at Santa's list
or ...

Peek at your presents?



 Laugh like Santa
or ...

talk like an elf?



String a mile or popcorn  garland
or ...

light & keep 500 candles burning at once?




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