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Peter Rabbit
Birthday Party Ideas

Peter Rabbit Party

Beatrix Potter's character Peter Rabbit is a wonderful choice for a children's themed birthday party!   We've put together some fun and unique ideas that will help make the party planning easy.  

There are ideas for invitations, decorations,  favors, activities, party food and also several games that have a Peter Rabbit theme that are fun for kids of all ages. 


Peter Rabbit Invitation Ideas
Glue a white pom-pom ball on the back of solid blue or blue and white note cards. 

On garden themed note cards stamp bunny tracks across the front with black ink. 

Print out Peter Rabbit images from the computer onto plain note cards.  Color in slightly with colored pencils.

Peter Rabbit Decoration Ideas
Decorate the front yard as an oversized garden with large carrots and other vegetables - complete the look with oversized seed signs, a wheelbarrow and a few watering cans. 

Place a small plastic fence leading up to the party entrance and over one of the fence posts place a small blue jacket like the one Peter Rabbit might have lost. 

Tape strips of white crepe paper or poster board hanging from the door frame so guests themselves sneak into the garden (the party area) under the fence like Peter Rabbit did in the story.

Decorate party tables with terra cotta pots, watering cans, wheelbarrows and fresh flowers.  A fun idea for flatware is to wrap green flatware in orange napkins in a long triangle shape so that the napkin looks like a carrot and the flatware peeks out the top like the greens of a carrot. 


Make Rabbit Ears
Glue felt rabbit ears on headbands or baseball caps and then let them wear them during the party.

Peter Rabbit Party Games
Carrot Treasure Hunt
Before the Peter Rabbit party make lots of triangle carrot shapes cut out of orange poster board.  On some of the carrots write a number (that corresponds with a prize you have bought) and then hide the carrots throughout the birthday party area.  Ask the children to go on a carrot treasure hunt and try and find all the carrots.  When the carrots have all been found let the kids trade in their carrots for prizes.   Plastic eggs can also be hidden for the children to find. 

Hide and Seek Peter Rabbit Tag
This fun game combines hide and seek with the game of tag.  Choose one child to be "it" and give them a straw hat (like Mr. McGregor) to wear for the game.  Have them hide their eyes and count to 10 while the  guests scatter to find a place to hide.  Mr. McGregor then tries to find the little rabbits.  When he tags a rabbit then he gives his hat to the rabbit and they become the new Mr. Macgregor. 

Peter Rabbit Foods
Fruit Kabobs - cut up chunks of strawberries, pineapples and grapes and place on wooden skewers or pretzel sticks.
Veggie tray with ranch dipping sauce
Chocolate fountain
Carrot cake
Veggie crackers

Peter Rabbit Favor Ideas
Terra cotta pot with vegetable seeds
Peter Rabbit book
Coloring Book
Bunny slippers
Bunny ears

Peter Rabbit Goody Bag Ideas
Small wooden or plastic wheelbarrow
Watering can
Terra Cotta Pot with a blue ribbon tied around the outside
Blue paper sacks with a white cotton ball or pom-pom glued to the back  



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