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Old MacDonald Party Ideas

Old MacDonald Birthday Party Ideas

Old MacDonald had a farm,
E I E I O ...
and on this farm he had a pig
E I E I O ...
With an Oink Oink here and an Oink Oink there,
Here an Oink, there an Oink, everywhere an Oink Oink,
Old MacDonald had a farm,
E I E I O.
And on this farm he had a cow,
E I E I O,
With a Moo Moo here and a Moo Moo there,
Here a Moo, there a Moo, everywhere a Moo Moo and an
Oink Oink here and an Oink Oink there,
Here an Oink there an Oink, everywhere an Oink Oink ...
Old MacDonald had a farm, E I E I O.
(continue with a rooster, dog, horse, cat and duck)

Old Macdonald is a favorite nursery rhyme with kids and it is also a great birthday party theme.   Use these fun ideas to make Old MacDonald and all of the animals on his farm come alive!

Invitation Ideas
Cut out the letters E I E I O from bandana or red patterned scrapbook paper and then paste onto the front of red note cards.

Paste stickers of Old MacDonald's farm animals on the front of note cards. 

Cow Invitations
 - Buy (or make from card stock) white cards and draw on black cow spots with a black permanent marker or cut out spots from black paper and paste to the front of the cards.

Inside the invitation place a few straws of hay. 

Decoration Ideas

Decorate the Old MacDonald party in red, blue, yellow and white. 

Set out hay bales and scatter some hay around the door to the Old MacDonald party venue. 

Tie red helium balloons to the mailbox to show guests where the party is located. 

Lay out several hay bales in the area leading up to the front door. 

Scatter some hay around the walkway leading up to the place where the party will be. 

Cut out farm animal hoof and paw prints from construction paper and tape them down on the driveway and walkways leading to the party. 

Decorate the Old MacDonald party tables with blue and white checkered table cloths or bandana printed fabric. 

Hang streamers from the very top of the ceiling and tie red helium balloons to the backs of the chairs.   

Place snack foods such as animal crackers, teddy grahams and goldfish crackers in small silver pails on the party table. 

Place ice and drinks in large silver buckets or a large wooden rectangular box that resembles like a trough. 

Set out farm animals on birthday party tables for the guests to play with during the party.


There was a Goose
Set up a treasure hunt using plastic plastic eggs.  Fill with candies or small toys and hide around the area of the party before the guests arrive.  Let them hunt for the Goose eggs and keep them for a favor.

Old MacDonald's Farm Animals 
Hire a local petting zoo that has farm animals such as goats, donkeys, sheep, chickens and rabbits to come and entertain the party guests.  

Old MacDonald Party Games
On This Farm He Had A ...

Buy lots of plastic farm animals making sure that you have at least 4 duplicates of each farm animal.  Hide all the farm animals in a sand box or, for the summer, a child's plastic pool filled with water and some bubbles.  Line the kids up next to each other.  Tell them that you will be calling out the name of an animal and they are to run to the pool and find one and then run back again to the starting line.  Say "On this farm he had a .... cow!" and then the kids will all run to the pool and try and find a cow.  If they find one then they get to play the next round.  For younger kids don't make anyone sit out ... just keep playing and calling out different animals.

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Old MacDonald Party Food Ideas" had a ....
Pig .... Pigs in a blanket
Chicken .... Chicken strips or nuggets
Cow ... Hamburgers
Cow .... Ice Cream
Chicken ... Deviled eggs

Party Favor Ideas
Stuffed animals that belong in Old MacDonald's farm
John Deere toys

Old McDonald themed Goody / Loot Bag Ideas
Draw black spots on a white Chinese food container
Straw hat
Cowboy hat
Farm animal shaped box

Old MacDonald Party picture of farm animals and musical notes


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Peas in a Pod

Noah's Ark Penguin



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