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New Years Eve Scavenger Hunt List


New Years Eve Scavenger Hunt List




Happy Birthday World! 

Use this free scavenger hunt list for your New Years Eve Scavenger Hunt - 25 fun items to find!

The New Year's Eve Scavenger Hunt List is free to print out. 



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Basic rules for the New Years Eve Scavenger Hunt:
Divide guests into teams.  Teams take different areas of the neighborhood - if you have 2 teams have one team take the odd number houses and the other team take the even number houses.  Always have at least one adult with the teams at all times. 

Once the items are collected the first team back to the house within a certain time limit wins.  Those who get back late are given a penalty - 1 item for every 5 minutes they are late. 






New Year's Eve Scavenger Hunt List:

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1.  Baby item

2.  Clock

3.  Party Hat

4.  Party Blower

5.  Confetti

6.  Something that says "New York"

7.  Black Eyed Peas

8.  Ball

9.  Coupon that expires in the New Year

10. Calendar page

11. Champagne glass (plastic)

12. Toast


13. Popper


14. Coins that add up to the New Year 


15. Anything New


16. Birthday Candle


17. Streamers


18. Horn


19. Sand timer / Hourglass


20. Stopwatch

21. Chocolate kiss

22. Funny party hat

23. Champagne cork

24. Picture of fireworks

25. Watch





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