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New Moon Birthday Theme

New Moon Birthday Party Ideas.
Fun ideas for a New Moon / Twilight series birthday party.

Solid Red or black cards with party information written inside.

Buy white flowers ( the cover of the book has a picture of a white ruffled tulip) and attach party information to the stem.  Print out party info on black, white or red paper about 2" x 5".  Roll the paper around the stem and tie with red ribbon.

New Moon Decorations

The main colors of the New Moon (or any Twilight) party should be red, black and grey or white.

For the party table use a red or black tablecloth.  Set the table with either black or red plates, cups, napkins and flatware - use the opposite color of the tablecloth you selected. 

In the center of the table place a bouquet of white tulips.   You can also place a white tulip on each of the plates.  Around the base of the vase attach a piece of fake brown fur (about 2 - 3" wide). 

Instead of placing a white tulip on the plates you could place a set of glow in the dark vampire teeth.  These are also great for the goody bag.

Fun games and activities for a girls sleepover

New Moon Activities
Watch the 'New Moon' movie at the theater.   Give out fake glow in the dark vampire teeth so the kids can wear them during the movie.

New Moon Trivia
Pass out the New Moon Trivia Quiz and give prizes for the 3 guests who get the most right answers.  Print out the

 here for free.

Until New Moon is out on DVD watch the Twilight movie and serve popcorn, nachos and large boxes of movie candy.

New Moon Party Favors
Fake vampire teeth
Glittery body lotion (vampires sparkle when they are out in the sun)
Copies of the New Moon Book
Small plastic wolf animals
Brown fake fur headbands or bracelets

Goody Bags

Small black boxes lined with red satin
Black or red paper bags 

New Moon Trivia Quiz

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