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Nature Scavenger Hunt List


A fun scavenger hunt for outdoors!


Nature Scavenger Hunt List


This is great outdoor game to play at a lake, pond, park or backyard.


Fun Nature Scavenger Hunt party supplies from Amazon

Take care of any hazards or dangers like fire ants, poisonous plants, spiders, dangerous terrain, etc. before the party.

Each child is given a big gallon plastic baggie, a bucket and a spoon to help them collect their items.





Nature Scavenger Hunt List


1.  2 different types of grass


2.  Leaves from 3 different trees


3.  Large rock


4.  Moss


5.  3 different colored smooth stones


6.  Berry


7.  Pinecone


8.  Something plastic (explain how it doesn't belong in nature)


9.  Water reed


10. Animal tracks (draw them on paper after you find them)


11. Nut or acorn


12. Flower


13. Something red


14. Animal home (draw it on paper - don't disturb!)


15. Feather


16. Seeds


17. Wood


18. Stick


19. Something that make noise


20. Something faster then a snail


21. Something that fell out of a tree


22. Something that begins with the first letter of the bday child's name


23. Something shiny


24. Something white


25. Something soft




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