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Super Mario Party Ideas

Super Mario Bros Party Games

Super Mario Obstacle Course
Make a crazy obstacle course for party guests to race through.  This can be played in teams relay style or individually with a stop watch.  

Set up mazes with large boxes (decorate with a brick pattern) where players have to go around and through them. 

Tie several large paper gold coins hanging from a tree with breakaway string (or somewhere high) and place a small trampoline under them so they have to jump and grab as many coins as they can. (Make lots of these coins because you will have to reset them after each player.)   Play tunnels, large plank boards and kiddy pools (they have to jump over) are all great ideas to set up the course.  At the end have a large box with a picture of Bowser on it.  Cut several circular holes in the Bowser box.  Set out three red bean bags or balls (fireballs) that they have to throw in the Bowser box. 

Once they have hit Bowser with three fireballs they can move on.  Behind Bowser have a Peach doll that they must rescue and take back through the maze. 

Yoshi's Egg Race
Teams must carry an egg on a spoon without dropping it.  The egg can be real or plastic.  If you buy the larger plastic eggs they are harder to keep on the spoon and it makes the race more challenging.  Make them look like Yoshi's eggs by painting them or simply sticking on round stickers onto the eggs.  This race can be played individually or as teams. 

Divide party guests into teams and give each team a Yoshi egg and a wooden spoon.  Teams must carry the egg on the spoon one by one from where they start, to the turn around point across the room and then back to their team.  Then they hand off the spoon and the Yoshi egg to the next player in line and the process is repeated.  First team with all of their members to complete the relay wins.  If the egg is dropped the person must go back to the starting line and begin again.  


Golden Coin Treasure Hunt Game
Before the birthday party cut out 2 inch "coins" from yellow poster board.   Hide them all over the party area.  Let the party guests try and find all the golden coins.  When they are all found let them trade them in for chocolate coins or have prizes worth a certain number of coins and they can trade them in on prizes.  

See our long list of fun party games for boys and girls for more party game ideas.

Super Mario Brothers Party Invitation

Make invitations look like brick blocks on the outside and on the inside write the party information and enclose a chocolate gold coin.

Yellow cards with a white question mark on the front to look like the ? blocks in the game.

Enclose star or yellow circle confetti in the invitations.

Decoration Ideas Super Mario Party
Decorate the Mario party in blue and red with touches of yellow.  Use yellow or gold colored plates to look like coins from the Mario game.  

Decorate the front door to look like a block wall ... or actually make it into a block wall by decorating large empty cardboard boxes to look like pieces of the brick wall ... then stack them and let guests knock them down as they enter the party. 


Super Mario Bros Party Activities

Make Mario and Luigi Hats
Let party guests make their own Mario and Luigi hats.  These can be made easily from red baseball hats.  Give each party guest a red baseball hat and have them cut out a 2" circle from white felt.  Glue the white felt circle to the center of the hat.   Then have them cut out a Red letter "M" about 1 1/2" high and glue it in the middle of the white circle.  You can also buy green baseball hats to make Luigi caps.  These make great party favors!

Mario Mustache
Let party guests draw on their own Mario Mustache with brown eyeliner or make one from yarn and double stick tape.  Great photo opportunity! 

Super Mario Bros Party Food Ideas
Bread sticks
Fried Cheese sticks
Fruit kabobs
Sugar cookies cut with a star cookie cutter and iced with yellow icing or cut with a round cookie cutter and frosted to look like coins.

Super Mario Bros Party Favors
Gold chocolate coins
Mario baseball hat
Star cookies

Super Mario Bros Goody Bag Ideas
Yellow bags or square boxes with a white question mark on the side
Buy giant plastic eggs and paint spots on the outside to resemble a Yoshi egg.  Fill with gold coins or candy. 


   New Super Mario Bros question mark

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